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    So, after a long hiatus, I find myself having returned. while I may not be as experienced an RPer as most on this site, I do return with more writing experience. 

    Largely my preferences haven't changed but with how long I've been gone, and due to the changes that have happened, I still recommend perusing through my preferences for reference. 

    now, to the meat and potatoes. I largely don't organize my itches based on stories, but more on characters, character archetypes, and what settings they would work in. so here's the menu. (made collapsible for your convenience)




    Nyra is a Drow from the Forgotten Realms setting of DND. 

    as a quick reference she is Chaotic Good. this values difference between her and her people is what led her to leave the underdark and strike it out on her own. 

    she is one of my few female characters, and due to her preferences and her own abundance of caution, I do not recommend her for a purely sexual role play. she is confident in her sexuality, she's just slow to trust. 




    Aren is a demonicly themed femboy character. but he is hella dominant (and while he may be bisexual, I am not and thus am not currently offering him for MxM rps)

    now I say demonically themed because he is actually inspired by a character build I have from Trials in Tainted Space if you know that game. So while I am very much open to playing him directly as an incubus, I am also open to playing him in a sci-fi setting either where body modification can reach the point where he can transform himself into an incubus themed femboy, or is from a species that looks like classical demons. 

    when I said he was hella dominant btw, I mean that. he is a big sadist, and he isn't afraid to try and force the issue on some things to get what he wants. do not expect a soft role play from him. 




    Dawson is a Laquine: basically a rabbit/horse hybrid. again inspired by Trials in Tainted space, so open to any setting where that kind of creature would work out. 

    Dawson is big himbo energy. not exactly smart, but athletic, capable, and kind. he also may or may not have the sex drive befitting such a very sexual creature. much to his embarrassment. 


    I will continue to add more as I come up with them

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