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    Hi! So, I would like a partner who's willing to play an anthropomorphic rabbit opposite me playing a regular human woman. My thoughts were basically centered around the idea that the Rabbit guy is pretty small and cute, but with the personality of a sexually starved middle aged man (40-55), and I'm his lusty, busty assistant/business partner/wife who both helps him with his work and helps supply ample distractions to whatever else he may be doing~

    In the world I had in mind, anthromorphs are rather rare but treated just like regular humans law and rightswise, so how your character came to be will be entirely up to you~ I kinda envisioned a like, semi-serious story with sexual cartoony humor drizzled on top, but most of this is up for discussion anyways so feel free to either message me on discord, comment here, or on ecchi chat (though, being on a browser on my phone, not sure how reliable that'll be).

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