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    So, crazy idea…what if doom guy’s wife never died…or what if Doom had back up? I want a female partner to help me out on this, hear me out…Doom, but the female is badass and doom guy has something to simp over. There’d be more dialogue than the game, some badass scenes with explosions and demons raining from the skies, and all doom guy can think is, “I want her to pump me like she pumps that super shotgun.” Like come on, I can’t be the only one who needs doom guy to have a sidekick or something as he figures his way through mars or destroys his way through the guts of a titan using the most powerful blade he finds, The Crucible. There can be so many ways this story could turn out, all I need is a partner and we could discuss the storyline and everything. I’ll even put pictures for reference!!




    I mean other images would work too, these are just some concepts I found 🙂

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