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  • RP ideas that intrigue me or I'm interested in doing (JP500)

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    See my About Me for things I'm currently doing and my preference page for what I like.

    RP ideas that intrigue me or I'm interested in doing (not a definitive list). I'd want to play the protagonist being described. These do not need to be private RPs - whatever you feel comfortable with.

    • Girl with a pet tentacle monster - an adult girl in a modern / sci-fi setting finds a tentacle monster that she carries around with her. It feeds off of her sexual energies. Could take place at university, on a spaceship, etc. I'd play the girl or both girl and monster. You'd play monster or your own character.
    • Goblin girl in modern world - she's awkward, clumsy, and gets into all sorts of situations. I see this as a comedy where she does something by accident and it cascades into a series of hilarious events (e.g., she's a waitress, bumps into another waiter, his tray goes flying and it's alcoholic contents spill on a customer. The tray hits the candle which starts a fire and causes the customer to loose his prized mustache). She could be placed in a variety of scenes with others - date, fall in love, romeo+juliet, random encounter, romance, etc. 
    • A pen-pal experience - an exchange of letters writing about the fictional experiences of the characters. The idea of this one is to have longer dialog exchanges in the format of a letter. Each character could talk about anything they wanted - day-to-day job, love life, things they do or see, etc.. 
    • FxF or MxAny characters - more FxF content, or me playing male characters. Trying to expand my horizons a bit.
    • Urban fantasy - I'm a sucker for a good urban fantasy - Charles de Lint, Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Anne Bishop; less vampires and werewolves, more fae, druids/shaman, mystical stuff. 
    • A romance - I'd like to try something where the romantic tension builds.

    Note on fantasy: When I think of fantasy, I'm not thinking D&D style with lots of different kinds of monsters. I'm thinking Victorian-style or earlier ages, mostly humans but maybe goblins, trolls, orcs with their own social rules and societies. Fae, druids, shaman, are good. Shape changers and vampires maybe, particularly in an urban modern-day fantasy. Nymphs and dryads - I can see them as magical beings. Low-fantasy or steampunkish styles. I'm not against other types of fantasy, but I run into confusion about what I mean when I say fantasy. Example: the movies Bright and The Golden Compass

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