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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: No Preference

    See my About Me for stuff I'm currently doing. See my ideas page for stuff I'm interested in doing.

    I have few hard limits and I will do my best to respect your limits. 

    • Limits - Unless previously agreed upon, I won't do scat, snuff, diapers, underage, pregnancy, self-harm, or gore. I make exceptions if it fits the scene or I like where things are going.
    • Story vs smut - I don't need smut in my roleplays, but I enjoy it. Sex-only RPs get boring fast. I'll do them occasionally (just ask) but I need them to evolve and end. I like getting to the good stuff too, but a little story goes a long way. Want to do a walk in the park and just talk? I'm good with that. Want to take my character back to your place? I'm good with that too. I seem to like story-based RPs focused on relationship building with a side of smut the best.
    • IP/fandom - I don't know much about most IPs/fandom stuff, and it's overwhelming. If you're patient and can guide me, then I'm open to it. If you want someone that already knows the material, then I'm not the right person.
    • Genres - I have a wide knowledge of science fiction, urban fantasy, low-fantasy, and mythology from reading novels. I'm open to other stuff too.
    • Horror - If it's about fear and gore, probably not. Other types of horror may be okay, just ask. 
    • Perspective - I can do 1st or 3rd person. This community seems to prefer 3rd person so that's what I have the most experience with. I sometimes mess up past-present tense, but am working on it.
    • Post length - As I'm new to this, most of my posts are 3 to 4 sentences long. If post length matters to you then I'm probably not the right person. Please don't pressure me to write more than I do - I'm constantly trying to add more detail and grow in my writing skills; what I provide is what I can do while still have fun doing it.

    What I'm looking for

    • Fun or unique experiences - sometimes I'll agree to something because it piques my interest.
    • Decent collaborative story building - I'm getting better at story progression and writing but am still a beginner. I appreciate someone that can move a story at a pace that works for us both but still allows me some creative freedom to grow.
    • Character to character interactions - relationship building, shared experiences
    • I'm still learning a lot - different types of RP, different ways to RP, etc. I don't always know what I like or what will work for me. 
    • I tend towards modern day slice-of-life RPs, but am trying to branch into other genres.
    • I'm struggling with RPing power dynamics. I'm doing sub and dom RPs but vanilla scenes may go smoother if that's important to you.
    • I prefer humanoid characters that have their own societies and culture (human, orc, goblin, gnome, fae, etc.) but struggle with monsters (creatures without societies or cultures). 

    Things that tend to derail a RP for me

    • Ignoring or disregarding what I've stated - mostly I think this is an issue with people assuming my characters are all the same, not taking the time to read my preferences, or not reading how a scene is setup and re-writing the scene.
    • The word "bitch" - for some reason this just totally derails the RP for me. Saying something is bitchin' is fine, but call my character a bitch just takes me out of the RP.
    • Crossing a boundary - I'm here to have some fun and get better at writing. I'm a laid back, daiquiri in my hand, enjoying the beach type person. Sometimes I'm the crazy ultramarathoner that can't do anything but focus on running to the top of the next mountain peak. I don't always know where my boundaries are which is why I added this section. If I feel like a boundary has been crossed, I'll try to recover and continue the scene. If I can't, then I'll stop playing the scene. This is for my own mental health.
    • As a beginner I sometimes get stuck - I try to set things up so I'm not deciding things for other characters, and I appreciate the same consideration, but sometimes I just can't figure out how to progress things and get stuck. I need the story and action to progress and I really appreciate it when someone is understanding and can help move things forward.

    Things that I believe in related to RPing

    • Not every RP or partner is going to be the right match. That's okay. If it's not working, and you don't feel comfortable talking about it, then walk away. I see nothing wrong with ghosting.
    • RL exists. I don't believe we have any obligation to each other to continue RPing when it gets in the way of RL, if it's no longer fun, or to communicate why. If there is good communication maybe it can be recovered or maybe try something different, or just leave on a good tone. If there's not, don't worry about it from my perspective. If we have good communication, I will probably tell you when things go sideways but I make no promises. I have my own insecurities and mental health issues, and if it's best for me to just walk away then that is what I will do. 
    • I'm completely fine with dropping something then coming back to it at a later date. Not everything will interest me later on, but I will always give it serious consideration.
    • Characters have a piece of me in them, but they are not me. They are shaped by my personality and experiences but are shallow constructs. I play characters and roles and try to leave real life behind. I'm here to escape my life, not share it.
    • Responses don't have to be consistent. Some days I'm on throughout the day and have the time. Some days I'll be out training and I'll have little interest in this hobby. I have little expectations when it comes to others responding to a RP. Multiple times per day, daily, weekly, monthly... doesn't matter to me. Whatever works.


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