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    It's been forever since I rped, I believe that the last time I did that was in december, and honestly, I'm not even sure if I'm still capable of doing it (I mean, I've never been an expert, but still! I'm very, very rusty).

    To be honest, I needed to take the 100th break from ED, not sure why, I just feel uncomfortable when I see sexual things all over the place, and it was seriously starting to take a toll on me. But goodness, I genuinely miss having a nice partner to roleplay with, but the issue is always the same: finding someone suitable to my personal tastes is almost impossible, and when that happens, either I'm not suitable to their tastes, or I just end up calling off the entire thing even if they accept. This is mostly my fault, I'm not going to lie, I'm way too picky when choosing a partner, and get way too scared when I find someone suitable for me, so I run away. Another issue I have, is that I'm very shy, so I usually struggle at even imaging to take the part of the leading person, and I usually need some guidance before I feel confident.

    Ignoting the fact that I always question what the hell is wrong with me, I'd love, LOVE, to have someone nice to rp with. I'm looking for a story that can be wholesome, and then have some sensual smut in it, without necessairily going overboard.

    I honestly have so many stories, I hope I manage to catch your interest. 


    A succubus girlfriend: this is inspired by my favourite types of hentai, a boy meets a girl and they seem to like eachother, however... she seems to be quite hungry, for his cum that is! succubi feed on humans' seed and souls, and they turn into a predator when really hungry. That's precisely what I'm looking for: be approached slowly and romantically at first, until the hunger gets so intense that the approach becomes gradually more aggressive and forceful (Still, no hardcore or BDSM stuff!) I want to have a thirsty lady assaulting me, I'd love to feel like helpless a prey that cannot escape, only surrender to the other person until she's fully satisfied. something I'd love is the idea to have my soul, or just a part of it sucked out of me, possibly not killing me in the process.

    Slight yandere, non-abusal femdom, blowjobs, swallowing especially and maybe a role reversal at the end are very welcome. Demonic features like wings, tails, perhaps horns are a HUGE turn on, but not strictly necessary.


    you guessed it, a maid: it's been ages, years at the very least since I've had a maid roleplay, and you can guess from my name that it's a catastrophe to say the least. I'd seriously love to be served and be called master. I generally prefer when it's the maid herself that decides when I have to be served, but I don't mind being the one to ask, I may be a little bit shy though. I'd love to have a love story between master and servant, to the point hierarchies and roles don't matter anymore, since our characters are just lovers, bonus points if the maid decides to reverse the roles sometimes.

    I'd love this to be a bit vanilla, without sub/dom roles, maybe a bit of teasing or some really, really slight femdom to spice things up. I would also ADORE, if instead of a maid you would use a female butler, although in this case, my submisse side may come out much strongly, since girls in suits make my heart beat much faster than normal, making me really, really shy.


    Reverse glory hole: this is a really weird one. You know how everyone focusses on the girl's perspective? call me self centred, but I'd love to be the protagonist here, what happens when ladies, one after the other keep sucking you off until you can't stand anymore? I'd really like to find out, since anything could happen depending on the rp flow.
    The story I have in mind is about a broke student, who sells his body in order to make some money, but since he really cares about privacy, he decides to do so in a form of gloryhole. With a donation, ladies can enjoy a few minutes with his member, clearly, the more they pay, the more they have the boy's member at their disposal.
    However, a lady/a classmate of his, completely falls in love with this service, and pretends to be several other women in order to have it all for herself.
    Do they meet face to face in the end? does she decides to become his manager, holding him so he doesn't get too tired after several services and cheering him up? It's up to you.

    Cock worship, something that I've never, ever even dared to ask is a really big one here, so are blowjobs and cum play. But other than that, you can really do anything you want to me (don't ask for tremendous stuff like electrostimulation & friends, thanks), after all it's would be my character's job to offer a competent service!


    Gender swap: I actually still have a post in private roleplays, please feel free to check it out.


    Futanari: I won't lie, I've wanted to try this for a while. The issue is that it's something completely new to me, and I have so many mixed feelings about this, it truly makes me feel uncomfortable, but I'm so curious to try it out. I'd need a calm and gentle partner here, who can take a leading role and gently and patiently guide me, I'm really preferably looking for smut only here, since I'm completely new to this, let's call this a simple test. I may be too stressed and call it off in case I realize I'm not into it, don't say I didn't warn you.


    That's it for now. You may notice a pattern here when it comes to plots, so if/when in doubt, ask. To be honest, I'm not even expecting replies, it just felt right to throw this out here just in case, you know? Oh and in case I say that I like you and suddenly vanish, please DO write me, you will not disturbed and I will not be bothered, I'm just running away because I'm worried to disappoint you with my rp skills, which aren't really top tier.

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