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    So this idea is a more slice of life kinda idea. But pretty much this is set during late or early college years. Where either my or your char would be suffering from some pretty bad depression. But like the real thing don't really show an ounce of it while out in public. So one day at either a party or bar they were forced to go to with some friends meets someone there and they hit off or something. As they start to become really good friends and maybe something more, the char with depression keeps thinking they are not good enough to be around anymore because it keeps eating at them. While the other char starts to see this and tries to save them idk lol. 

    But this rp would def be a more longer, drawn out kinda rp cause it would just be a lot of talking and getting to know the other char. I really only play the male char so. But if it does sound interesting just send me a msg. 👍 also this would be a m/f

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