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  • Seeking a Few Smutty Canon x OC Lines


    Pleasant day, one and all! I hope things are going well for you! While my general info is in my profile's "About Me" section (which I do ask you read), let me just note here what I'm particularly keen on:
    1. Male OC (MC) x Female/Futa Canon (YC) play! Shameless, I know, but isn't that one of the draws of a site like Ecchi Dreams? That said, all characters must be written/played as at least 21 years old (if they aren't already older).
    2. Clean footplay/foot fetishism (the female/futa being the recipient)! This would be borderline required in a line.
    3. Fluffy/loving smut! I'll admit I'm very much seeking smutty loving romance, affection, fluff and general intimacy between our characters. Give me couples with a happy, healthy and generally stable relationship, where said relationship is not the main source of conflict! While sugary-sweet loving fluffiness between an openly-affectionate couple is always delightful, I'm also a fan of what I like to call "challengingly-yet-happily ever after". You know, those relationships where their rivalry is as red-hot (and unceasing) as their mutual fondness, or how they ceaselessly bust each other's chops yet always have each other's back.

    Some Fave Kinks: Clean footplay/foot fetishism (the female on the receiving end); playful role-reversal; equal/"switch" pairings; playful damsel-in-distress kink/feigned resistance; strong, emotionally/sexually-confident women; using magic or powers in the bedroom
    Other Liked Kinks: Fluffy/loving romance; teasing affection; uniform/costume play; light foodplay; copious foreplay; oral; anal/assplay (always clean); general body worship (particularly ass, thighs, breasts and feet); sleepy morning sex; tickling; older woman x younger male dynamics; light bondage; loving/gentle/teasing femdom; voluptuous/curvy women
    I'll Pass On: Non-con; infidelity; sexually disinterested or lazy "pillow princesses"; bimbofication; rigid sub/dom dynamics; "dirty" or degrading footplay; helpless/naive damsels-in-perpetual-distress; general awfulness (racism, sexism, hate speech, discrimination in general); impaired/predatory coercion; filth (bodily excreta and anything that belongs in a toilet/exits an ass)

    Anyway, here's what I'm looking for...

    1. Dragon Ball Z/Super
    I'm looking to keep things somewhat lighthearted with plenty of highspirited adventure, action, copious humor/comedy, shameless romance (even at the end of a fist) and such, both for my personal taste and in keeping with the tone of the Dragon Ball universe as a whole. I'd be keen on a pairing having a generally stable or healthy relationship (even if it comes off as odd to onlookers and whatnot). I'm especially keen on including these two things...
    Destructo Nookie! Well, it is the Dragon Ball Z/Super universe, after all; mountain-destroying sex certainly wouldn't be out of the range of possibility, given most named characters are literal planet-busters. But on the other hand, there can be something fun about such a powerful being having to restrain their full power for whatever reason.
    Rough loving passion, fight-fucking, and love at the end of a fist! Again, this shouldn't be surprising. But just because things can get a little--or very--intense in a sparring session or sex doesn't mean it has to become sadism or flat-out brutal malice. Our characters having a sparring match in some fashion, which quickly devolves into a more romantic attraction due to them meeting head-to-head and finding that someone roughly equal to them is extremely up their alley? Yes! Graphically brutal/gory scenes where one party can't orgasm unless the other's broken/gutted/bleeding out on the floor, or anything requiring intervention by Super Shenron to fix? No.

    I have a OC I'm looking to play named Razini, a Saiyan ranger-monk and chef who seeks enlightenment through both cooking and combat, finding them very similar. (I can provide more detail about him upon request.) There are certain ladies from the DBZ/Super-verse I would love to play him opposite of: Android 18, Android 21, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Caulifa, Kale, Kefla, Videl, Female!Zamasu, Female!Frieza, Zangya.
    I'm very much open to non-canon/AU versions of these ladies, and I have a few potential ideas depending on the lady being played. (Of course, I'm very much open to ideas, so feel free to pitch 'em.) Thus, I'd hardly insist we stick purely to the established lore; shameless lighthearted lewd sensuality and kinky/smutty funtimes is the focus here.

    2. Lighthearted High Fantasy Noblebright
    In terms of generally desired feel or mood, think a magic-rich D&D/Legend of Zelda/Final Fantasy Tactics/Order of the Stick-esque setting. Nothing "dark fantasy" or Game of Thrones-esque. Plot-wise, I'd be most keen on one of the following:
    ▶ YC (a princess, queen, empress, high priestess, whatever) seeks certain relaxation behind closed doors or wants to play the role of imperiled damsel--be it out of a kinky side, genuine curiosity about what it entails or something else--and entices her partner (MC) into being her wicked sorcerer/dark knight kidnapper?
    ▶ A moment of downtime between two adventurers amidst your classic lighthearted JRPG-type setting.
    ▶ A playfully humorous/comedic and romantic line between MC (a male sorcerer) and his beloved--a spirited, strong-minded, fiery blademaster of a Badass Princess (YC)--based on this pic. I'd particularly be interested in a series of smutty one-shots involving the progression of their relationship and exploring how they grew to love each other. Naughty/erotic use of magic in the bedroom--and out of it--would be a given.

    I'm looking for someone to play one of the following female canons (or simply use one as their character PB/faceclaim, alternately) opposite a male OC in one of the above lines:
    Elsa, Esmeralda (Disney)
    Zelda, Linkle, Cia (Legend of Zelda)
    Ovelia, Agrias, Meliadoul, Celia, Lettie (Final Fantasy Tactics)
    Yuna (Final Fantasy 10)
    Peach, Daisy (Mario)
    Jessica Albert (Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King)
    Cersei, Daenerys (Game of Thrones-only looking to transplant these ladies into a different--ideally more magic-rich and noblebright--high fantasy setting)

    3. Campy Superheroics
    I'm seeking superhero lines with a lighthearted and campy tone, rather than "superhero realism"; more "fun evil" than "humorless deadly-serious evil-evil", if that makes any sense. (Think Batman: The Brave and the Bold, El Tigre or Kim Possible in tone.) Puns and other wordplay, bright codenames, witty/snarky banter, playing with secret identities, Affably Evil villains, Destructo Nookie and passionate fight-fucking, all that.

    I'm particularly looking for someone who'll play one of the following female canons opposite a male OC:
    Lois Lane, Supergirl, Power Girl, Starfire, Harley Quinn (DC Comics)
    Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)
    Cassie Cage, Frost (Mortal Kombat-would prefer to transplant characters into superhero-esque setting a la Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe)

    4. Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
    Some high-spirited adventure would appeal, as does more shamelessly smut-driven stuff. (Of course, naughty/kinky use of Bending and chi-blocking would be practically a given.) Would love to find someone willing to play as Katara, Toph, Mai, Suki, Ty Lee, Azula, Korra, Kuvira, or Lin Beifong opposite a male OC; I have some potential ideas for each.

    Anyway, that's my current request thread. If interested in setting something up, please EcchiText me!

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