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  • Seeking Undertale story!

    • Comment here first! Looking

    I will be blunt: I really want to play as someone or more from the Undertale universe, but I don't have a story in mind.

    So I am hoping some of you will want to try and brainstorm an idea together.

    I am pretty open to most suggestions, as long as they do not land within stuff I dislike as read in my preference sheet.

    Please let me hear any fun ideas you may have and maybe we can build a fun story together ❤️

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    I have an idea based around my oc (more desc and context will be given for everything ofc) and chara slowly bulding a connection through their murderus messed up minds. While going through the undertale universe later on though chara finally sees the wrongs that she has made, but what will happen next? (Idk i'm still thinking about it) well does this interest you? If so ecchitext me my schedules wack, but i'll reply occasionally. By the way the amount of eroticness is up to you.

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    It's a pretty long story but long story short chara is a character in undertale who at the end of the genocide run who gives you the option to ethier erase the world or don't erase spoilers she erases the world no matter what decision but spoilers aside shes a genocidal maniac who (no one knows really knows anything but shes evil none the less) you might be playing in the genocide run if you still don't understand I reccomend just looking it up and the idea is a slice of life where two psychopaths chara and glitch while they reek havok in the distant future chara has second thoughts of doing anything else that includes murder and wants to become a better person but what will happen next?

    (Glitch being my oc not the phone guy in my pfp) if you're interested in knowing more dm me and i'll explain everything

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    my idea is basically, the entire underground populace are sexy female monsters (you could have them slutty and in heat you want) and in this frisk never left the ruin and stayed with toriel (and if you want you can have it where chara and asriel never died and live with toriel as well) and my ocs drops in, and fuck all the female silly, taming them and possibly either make them part of his harem or sex toys for mankind.

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    Hmm what if instead of fucking them silly just because, due to not having men to fuck with for who know how long, causing the female monsters to be crave sex with the opposite sex but Be curious about it as well, maybe the reason why The female monsters we’re locked away due to humanity women jealousy and want them away from their men... do you have any suggestions? @JennyDK

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    Damn... don’t mind doing an individual situation for each girl then, different scenario, like undyne sparing with my ocs which somehow turns into a sex Match or going on a date with female sans/papyrus or frisk and somehow ended up in a kinky situation, or helping alphys about the human biology through sex or go kinky and have a live broadstream of female metaton and my oc fucking or toriel trying to convince my oc to stay through sex or my oc trying to convince female asgore to let him go through sex.

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