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  • Several Unrelated Ideas

    The new ideas keep coming to me, rather than flood the bulletins with multiple entries, I will put several different ones here.  I feel I should point out all my old ones are still open too, if you saw any old idea of mine that interested you, feel free to let me know.  I could play the male(s) or female(s) in any of these, I will mention if I have a preference.  You will notice having a preference for playing through impregnation/pregnancy would be a big plus on most of these, though not necessarily a deal breaker if you aren't.

    1. Humans in the Alien Zoo:

    Several generations ago various aliens began abducting small numbers of humans from around the world to be exhibits in zoos dedicated to life from various worlds.  The humans involved here have no memory of Earth.  The children of the original abducted humans were separated from their parents at birth.  Left to develop on their own and develop their own culture in captivity, no knowledge of where they came from or how their per-abduction ancestors lived.  They have managed to maintain language, but a somewhat more limited vocabulary, no ability to read or write, and always nude.  Now a pair of teens, one boy and one a girl are being transferred to a new facility.  The aliens made no attempt to explain anything to either of them, both being transferred from different planets.  But the intention is for them to be the founders of a new human exhibit in a different planet, and with the natural hope/assumption that they will mate and breed a number of children.  This may or may not be a shorter term one, depending on how much we can think to cover, but the idea is daily life in such circumstances with plenty of sex mixed in.  Leaning towards playing the male here.

    2. Teen Girl Joins a Cult:

    A teen girl hears rumors of a group of girls in school who are actually witches/sorceresses.  She roles her eyes at the idea, but deep down, while she always disbelieved in such things, she still hoped they might actually be true.  One of her classmates finds here in the school library ready about such things, and asks if she might be interested in experiencing it for real.  Skeptical, but wanting to see what such girls might be doing, and thinking she might meet some interesting friends, she agrees to it.  Very quickly she finds she is in over her head and what they are doing is very real.  On her first meeting they lead her to a cot, have her undress and lay down.  They then summon a demon to mate with her.  This is the source of their power and she finds herself subjected to constant mating with demons and other hellish creatures, until she gives her soul to their master, and joins her cult sister as a mate to the demons and a mother adding to a secret slowly growing army of semi-human monsters.  I would play the new girl here, with a preference to you playing the creatures and one of the other girls.  I could potentially play some of the creatures mating with the other girl.

    3. Post Apocalyptic Free Use:

    Humanity was driven to near extinction and society more or less collapsed.  Life is about daily survival and doing what is necessary to rebuild the human race.  There are new rules now, marriage, relationships, love, there is no time for such things.  Men are simply encouraged to fuck as many women as often as they can, and girls are very strongly encouraged to let them do it and potentially encourage them to do so if they are not doing it on their own and not dealing with an immediate emergency.  In this case I would playing an 'enforcer', an armed man, constantly patrolling various homes and settlements, and dealing with troublemakers, rather brutally.  As he performs his job, he has his way with at least the vast majority of women he encounters.  I am figuring this is going to be a number of shorter scenes with him involved with a wide variety of women, spending anywhere between a few moments to a few days with each, before moving on and finding someone else.

    4. The Adventurer's Experimentation (Fantasy, Multi-Species)

    This is somewhat similar to the previous one, except in a fantasy setting and involving non-human females.  A sort of wandering warrior who made it his mission to experience women of various creature types, some mostly human (things like elves or dwarves) and some more monstrous and even non-humanoid.  It is an idea I had before and looked at playing elsewhere.  In some cases he might capture the female and force himself on her, in others he may attempt to seduce them.  If you want a permanent character one idea I had before was he already 'tamed' a female centaur as his mount and they have already been having sex for a while.  He might be involved with some females longer than others, with the possibility of exploring the female's culture/mating habits in at least some cases.

    5. The Harem of the Emperor of a Nearly Fallen Kingdom.

    This has very minor historical inspiration.  For the empire I was thinking something similar to Constantinople just before the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire.  A single city, large, very well defended, very wealthy, but surrounded by enemies and a lingering shadow of a once much greater empire.  With an emperor who is not very powerful now, but commands a great deal of respect simply due to his legendary bloodline and potential claims to a much wider empire.  This is something similar but in another setting and likely more fantasy oriented.  Magical barriers help ensure the city on top of walls and natural defenses.  And with potentially non-human characters included.  I would be playing the current newish Emperor.  In his mid-upper 20s and having ruled for several years.  You would be playing one or hopefully more members of his harem.  It could include ordinary citizens of the city, former nobility of other parts of the empire that since fallen, foreign princesses (some of which might not be human), and maybe other things, if you want to make it incestuous, feel free to include a sister as well.

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