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    Hey all! Been working to get a detailed list of all my favorite ideas for RP's on paper to play with, I'll be adding more over time with reposts but for now this is what I have!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of these RP's will have a heavier emphasis on stories and characters over ERP and Smut. Of course it's still going to be there and I won't actively avoid it, but most of these will have some build up and won't be made for the sole purpose of fuckin. Also I'll play matchups of Female/Female, Male/Female, and Futa/Female, and almost every scenario can use any of these for it. Whichever story we do though I'll likely be playing a very soft sub character because I can't dom for the life of me.

    Now with that out of the way I'll post my ideas! Bear in mind none of these are set in stone and I'm more than happy to change them or up even do a new idea entirely. These are just concepts I like and think would be fun to play with. I'll also attach a few reference images to each, but keep in mind it's only a fraction of all the ones I have so if your interested in seeing more or even want to offer your own I'd be happy to oblige! 

    The Sympathetic Officer


    This story will be based somewhat on the Star Wars universe so a moderate understanding would be nice to have. This story follows MC, a captured Jedi, being held in Imperial custody in a cell on a ship, while YC, an Imperial Officer, grows sympathetic for the pitiful thing. Things can progress with them slowly offering some comfort to the captured Jedi and just kindness and can evolve however we see fit. Maybe they convince a few higher ups to allow for private interrogations? Maybe they escape and try to keep hidden? Or maybe they just convince the higher ups to allow them to stay on the ship as a sort of indentured servant. The possibilities are whatever you want them to be!
    ADDENDUM: This scenario can also very similarly work, but play much differently, with YC being a Sith/Inquisitor that captured mine. The potential is roughly the same but it is a note worthy change I am very down for.

    A Lowly Maid


    This story will follow MC playing as a maid transferred from the house of a noble who has died, to the house of YC, another noble that was only faintly familiar with the other. The original noble who owned MC will have been harsh, cruel, and likely somewhat abusive to them, which means that the kindness offered by YC will likely be a heartwarming surprise to them. The story can likely follow them as they slowly get closer with MC enjoying the company of YC more and more, slowly teaching them to not overwork themselves and tend to their needs that were often neglected, even simple things as eating. After that the story can really go anywhere!





    This is unfortunately all I have (well moreso all I have the time to write) for now! I'll likely update potential idea's and RP's I'm willing to play with reposts adding more ideas so be on the lookout of that! Anyways, have I nice day and I hope to see you soon!~ ^^





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