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  • Shortstack adventurer (public RP)

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    Setting: Fantasy world.

    The capital town is host to the biggest adventurer's guild in all of the land. In this place, many species are allowed to join groups who work under it, even monsters who are more able to reside in and work with such a foreign place. Among all of these, a young woman has recently joined, seeking fortune and fame.
    Though she is quite sure of herself and confident, she is still to group up with someone. This group being one consisting of rather large and capable adventurers. Definitely someone who by far outclasses her in terms of height and size. They were also looking for another addition as well, to add to their range of skills and knowledge. She teams up with them on their missions and such, while also bonding with them in many different ways.

    This will be slice-of-life combined with fun fantasy adventures together.

    Members in the group before she joins: 2-4.

    Possible references for the young shortstack:

    More references:


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    Thank you! 😄 I think it can be the tapestry for many fun and lewd adventures!

    I prefer just one RP partner to play the other group members. It gets messy when it's beyond 3 players. I would be good with 2 partners playing 1-2 characters as well.

    You only get better one way and I have plenty of experience with playing more than one myself and thus have some decent advice for it.

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    If we were 3 players, I would highly advice a set posting order from the start, so everyone knows when to reply. The easiest is still just you and me of course, but I am open to being up to 3.

    Same here ^^ I always aim to improve when possible!

    Did you have a prefered look from my selection above or my album?

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    You are more than free to browse my album. Could you possibly link to the ones you mentioned? If you are using a desktop/laptop you can right click them and copy the image URLs. Posting them in a post embeds them. Sorry for the hassle, it is just an easier way to show things :3

    Are you good with playing large guys, like for instance an orc, minotaur and maybe a third monster male?
    Just to give an idea about the types I would like.

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    Personally I lean towards the first - the wizard-y one or the last (Tristana from LoL) - though not sure what might fit her. Maybe a rogue-ish type?

    Do you have any size limits?

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    No idea what an artificer is. It was mostly to help give ideas for her role in the group and such :3

    Oni? What is that?

    3 males isn't necessary, but definitely liked, naturally. Perhaps it could be 2 at first until you get more used to it and later we can add one more via recruit or other means, if you and I wish it.

    Cock size wise, I think something like 20+ inches would be good. I personally have no upper limits.

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    It wasn't really to make her Tristana as such, just her design and appearance ^^

    Seems a bit weird to me - given we go with western styled monsters.

    Don't worry, I can do all the picturing I need 😛

    Would love to see some references for the males if that is possible.

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    As mentioned, I am happy with the second and last image :3

    That sounds pretty good to me. I think the wizard looking one is more fit among those types and will make more interesting scenes possible. I could imagine they have reached dangerous enough missions that brute force is not enough anymore. Of course, that is where I come in.

    You are free to make it up as you go - I generally do that myself.

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    If you guys are open for a second person to join I am all ears. Also I know what you mean artificer they are really cool with the idea of the magic gear they can make. 

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    Well if Kitay is alright with it I was thinking of playing a minotaur. I have an idea for his background and haven't gotten to play the strong minotaur race in a while.

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