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    Alone In a Tribe Of Females 

    Centuries had passed and the male population had died off the females having found a way to completely cut men out of the equation resorting to my tribal and spiritual methods. However a male had been born from a forbidden bonding between animal and human. This male was discovered by the current tribe and instead of being executed for being male the women took interest in his unique form and features.

    This plot is intended for my partner to play multiple females. 

    My only minimum is 3 characters while I play only one 

    The Princess who wanted to be kidnapped

    Basically your character is a princess while she enjoyed life as royalty but gas groan bored of the strict royal treatment over the last several years. She dreamed of someone who would take her away from the castle and give her a new life then one fateful evening it actually happened a man got in and kidnapped her. Once she wakes from the event her captor reveals that he was paid to kidnap her and to keep her away from the royal family in which she is free to reveal that she secretly wanted something like this or decides to really play along.

    Demon King in a Land that has forgotten

    This one is real simple.

    My character is a reincarnated demon king where in his land they have learned to live without a king. He decides to let this pass as he enjoyed seeing his people live without a ruler one girl however is able to sense his immense power and decides to acquaint herself with him.

    The last dragon.

    A huntress decides to venture into a cave after a snow storm hit only to discover a draconian a race that was obliterated along with the actual dragons. He temporarily is hostile towards her until he learns of her interest in the now extinct species but he's still going to keep a close eye on her.

    Adjusting to the times.

    A scientist discovered a perfectly preserved man from another time frozen ice. One night she decided to stay late doing her research the power went out and the man frozen in ice thawed out as the power outage caused damage to the system in the room that was keeping him frozen and it instead thawed him out. It is up to your character to help the man adjust while trying to discover as much as she can about his past life.

    The Farmer and The Outlaw

    This one is simple A Farmer finds a person on the brink of death. This person happens to be an outlaw although not caring about this the farmer takes the outlaw in and helps him with his injuries. Turns out the outlaws near death experience brought the outlaw to their senses and the outlaw decides that they are going to live a clean life now. The farmer offers the outlaw a chance to live and help them on their farm only catch is the outlaw is working for free because of the status of outlaw and a possible bounty being on the person.

    To Please a God

    Once every thousand years a woman is born able to have children with the gods however one god in particular can't seem to enjoy the women that have come to him. Then the next woman who has come to him is more than eager to satisfy the god of lust in every way she possibly can.[/B]

    Can't ever seem to get away from my boss
    (Maybe ERP heavy)


    Your character works as a photographer for a magazine company. She spends time around her boss often and turns out they have a lot of common interests and end up running into eachother often and eventually the two decide to share a drink and they go from there but it will lead to a relationship.

    Temporarily scratched as I cant get into FxF rn

    The knight and her blacksmith

    Very simple

    A knight falls in love with the man who makes or repairs her gear. In order to spend more time with him she tries to hang up her gear to learn blacksmithing from him.

    The Wandering Vampire

    Your character finds a man who was attacked by wolves seemingly on the verge of death. She takes him to her home using the merchants cart he owned and proceeds to attempt to save him only to find nothing working. She ends up cutting herself and manages to get blood on the mans lips... Hours later and his injuries are gone. Little did she know this encounter would change her life forever as she no longer can stay at her home as she will be hunted to for associating with the former supposed to be dead vampire lord Alucard whos current disguise is a wandering merchant as he no longer holds the power he once held only small remnants

    (not going to be anything like the actual Alucard but I like and have been wanting to use the name in an rp so yeah)

    A witches pet

    Very simple a witch summons a demon and uses him as her servant to satisfy her needs and do various things for her.

    This rp could go one of two ways

    A failed summon where my character takes advantage of the witch soon after being summoned

    Or a successful summon and he is very loyal to what she says

    (Can be ERP heavy)

    Simple story for furry x human

    Female is out hunting accidentally shoots a furry thinking he was a normal wolf she takes care of him but at that time. he was ready to go into heat so yes there is a lot of smut

    This plot is human x furry

    The sex content is going to be heavy

    Teachers pet(s)

    Basically the simple plot of this story is about women who are sent to this academy to suit their sexual desires but have to follow their teachers orders and demands ... they start their day given an easy to hide vibrator that the teacher controls which is always on unless the teacher decides to turn it off as punishment or take it off for an even more intimate reward.... although some punishments may be sexual and some may not some will involve grades and some will involve clothing of the school girls (18+) there will be a LOT of sex

    My character is a male

    Alone in a tribe of males

    ..... All the females of this tribe died of some disease for some reason your character lived... Now she has to satisfy the lust of all the males... Although she does have one true mate in which she will have pups with.

    This is a wolf (furry) tribe

    willing to swap roles (even open to a pack of females x one male



    She's my collar

    Can be furry x furry or furry x human :3

    Simple little romance story... My character is a criminal who will be sentenced to death if he can't change so your character is watching over mine and stopping him from doing any crimes or hurting anyone and they began to slowly fall in love and start going on dates and stuff

    Slave Master

    Pretty much the story the master character goes to an auction of already broken in girls or guys (as in they will willingly do anything for their new master) buys however many he or she wants and begins to immediately have sexual relations

    Master Female ..... Buys male slaves

    Master male..... Buys female slaves

    Which role you want is up to you and how many slaves you want is up to you either way

    Alone in a city of furries

    Story is simple my character is furry wolf who moved to a city of furries but he's scared out of his mind as he is the odd one out of all of them because he's the only wolf (other partner can play one if wanted).... Until he meets one furry(female btw '_') she helps him open up to others ..... Now, this is a romance story but it can either be 50% sex 50% plot or 75 % sex or 25 percent plot or it can contain 100% sex.

    For those last two percentages your character will pretty much turn him into her personal fuck toy and will give him to any female who wants him (or keep him all to herself)

    Messing with a futa bunny

    My character moves into a town and meets her neighbor and immediately becomes friends with her and soon discovered that they worked together at a gym and eventually your female character finds out that Flora has a cock while in the shower and finds herself oddly attracted to it but is too shy to admit it (just know your character can be a futa as well^^)

    This can contain 100 % sex or 75 % sex and 25 percent plot or it can be 50 50

    You can choose either furry or human-like appearance

    Just know with the futas penis size it's a little bit excessive if thats ok.

    You're a guy?!

    The story is a simple but sex filled one that is an MxM

    Simple little story my character goes on a dating site tired of trying to find love naturally, in turn, he found a girl and asked to meet her although it turns out he was catfished by a femboy .... but nonetheless he goes through with the date and started to really like the femboy and they slowly started doing more and more stuff

    From a barkeeper to fucking the royalty

    The plot is simple really king and or queen(depends on what role you want I am playing a male either way) visits a bar wanting to get away from the castle and its worries for a bit ... soon a lovely bartender comes up to the king or queen they begin talking and such only soon they both decided to get to a bit of drinking and rent a room for the night then as things continued the king or queen continued to invite the male or female into the castle.

    this plot can either be furry or human (i prefer furry but can easily play both)

    After Hours

    The boss of a well known company one day caught his or her employee masturbating on the job.... they liked what was seen so they would wait a few days and then after work the boss would call the person into their office but not for punishment but for some fun that may possibly be permanent fun.

    Naughty Princess

    A princess had run away from home after a few months of constant talk of forced marriage.... the princess had desired not to be married she wanted to be free.... one day she came upon a town that was far away from her old kingdom and she got to talking to a man about her issue and they got to talking more and more and eventually ended up in bed with each other for a one night stand but little did the princess know she would become quite the slut

    The Orc and His Goblin

    Incredibly simple

    an orc can't find love among his people so sooner or later he finds and falls in love with a much shorter goblin gal who falls in love with him. They choose to travel together.

    This can either be very naughty... or Very Wholesome.... Or it can be a good bit of both

    the main kink at play is size difference ^_^

    this can be discussed further... this is just the base idea

    Totally Lesbian

    Two lesbian women have recently decided they want a baby.... they considered adoption but they don't like that option to much so they considered relying on a sperm bank until much to their convenience their childhood friend needed a place to stay and they decide to use him to achieve their children.

    Smut content can be heavy.


    The Hunting Accident

    A girl on the hunt for deer finally finds tracks...little does she know shes found centaur tracks rather than deer tracks. She would shoot the deer fortunately missing any vital organs.... Once she finds him or her (the particular image I have is futa) she decides to nurse the centaur back to health in turn forming a bond and relationship with the centaur.






    This one is simple. There is a skilled female trainer who gets along great with her pokemon and people dont know how her and said pokemon work so well together... turns out they have a special type of bonding


    Simply looking for a partner to play the female trainer

    You can pick which six pokemon you would want (naturally these can be switched out) 

    However in some scenarios you can have more than six pokemon out to fool around with. 

    Can be bestiality or anthro pokemon



    Private Tutoring 

    This idea is a school scenario..... my character would be a male student (whos also fairly popular) but is not exactly the smartest... seeing this your character a rather smart girl who my character previously showed no interest in devises a plan to help him... in exchange she gets to have sex with him. The better his grades are the more sex she gets from my character   

    I would prefer to do a furry x human scenario here if possible.

    When it comes to this I would love glasses (not required at all)

    current examples (That potential partners are welcome to use ^_^) 





    Possible Cravings(empty for now)



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