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    Ok so this will be my thread of original plots. In other words I will have a separate thread for fandom plots. Anyway's about myself well to start out I have been role playing for something like 2 decades.  Forum writing  maybe a decade maybe a little less. Need less to say I know a bit about what I am doing am I the best.... no but I think I am decent enough.  As for grammar and spelling i am not super great at it so as long as I can understand what you are  writing  you do not have to be an expert at it either.  For post length im pretty  lax just avoid one liners I am fine and you want to write a novella that is fine.... do not expect me to do so I can write some beefy posts but not always consistently.  

    Now on to some juicer things. Now I won't lie I love to write smut, I can be just a purvey as the next person. That being said I do crave  some kind of plot. Even if the rp is smut driven I want some reason as to why the smut is going on, and no I am not going to give some arbitrary percentage of smut verse plot. I find it more fun if we just rp and let the story lead the way.  As to the types of charters I play, I can play anything form dom to sub,  Warrior, to wizard, female to male. Now I do prefer to play submissive characters, and when fantasy stuff is going on I prefer playing stealth and magic characters. But I  can play just about anything. An no I do not care about your rl gender its an rp. 

    Finally all my plots will be split into three parts, the Kinks, the plot, and side notes. Now  the kinks are going to be the ones I really want to see for that plot. Do they all have to be there no. But I will say that if you don't like most of them then don't ask for the plot there is a reason I picked kinks for a plot so don't expect me to get rid of many of them maybe two or three at most, and of course sometimes I will refuse to remove kink for an rp because it is needed for the plot.  For the most part my side notes will let know small details  about the kinks I need in a plot and which role I prefer to play or if I want to play one  of the roles specifically.  

    So I think that covers about all the important points hopefully you read that before you read my plots if not then do not get mad  at me later. AS for the plots there is only one at the moment but there will be more to come.  ALSO PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF INTERESTED 



    How to train a Wild Son:  Big Kinks - Fem dom, teen, chastity, sissificaiton,  Pegging, BDSM, orgasm denial, bathroom control, hypnotism, yaoi, cross dressing, bondage, bondage gear  (some big ones,  collars,  gags,  arm binders, ballet boots, leg spreaders), Water sports.

    A had been a single mom her whole life and had done her best to teach her son how to be a decent young man. However when he researched thirteen he started to become a right wild terror and A had no clue what to do. By the time he was fifteen A had put up with as much as she could and approached B and asked for help. B Said she had a way to help but it would mean turning A’s son into a proper young lady. A was unsure what b ment but was desperate so sent her son to live with B. Now under one of the best  dominatrix's in the area the son finds himself slowly but surely becoming a  good little sissy slut starting to crave cock and wanting to be a good little whore for his new mistress.  

    Side Notes - So for this idea I am looking to play the son. I'm even willing to play maybe more than one. Maybe  it could be  two twin sons. As for B I would prefer B was female but I don't mind them being male if you want to do this and  done play women, shoot make them futa if you want. As to how they know A  that can be discussed. Also on the kinks, those are the ones that I do really want to see but some of them can be knocked off but I would like  to keep most of them. 

    The Second spoiler has a RP that is not for the faint of heart you have be warned


    The Station: Big Kinks - Non Con, Con, Bestiality, Monsters, Insects, Bondage,  Humiliation, Food, Filth, Water Sports, Sexual/ non Sexual torture, Mental/Physical Abuse,  Branding, Drug abuse,  Womb fucking, Partial Snuff, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism (this is jsut some of the kinks  this is meant to be a kink filled rp not meant for the faint of heart)

    The Executive was an alien from a species of which there were very few. He had  immense powers and enjoyed watching women suffer. He also enjoyed broadcasting the suffering of women and so he built the station. A massive space station located in a nebula with its location known to only  the Executive and a handful of what he called his talent scouts, the alien being had one whole section that was a maze of rooms and corridors. Each room had the most advanced holographic technologies and they were set so one would feel as if they were expiring things as if they were actually interacting with whatever the images put in the room.  Other parts of the station included a large living area, a block of cells,  A lab / sexual dungeon area, a slave quarters. And his office area. Of course the only people on the station beside him and his scouts, women who had been enslaved  and the victims. Women of various species he had abducted and ran through his maze of horrors. Those with the fortitude to make it out were granted the option of retiring home with their memory wiped or joining his organization. Those who did not and gave in became his play thing for life forced into  a life of servitude. 

    Side notes - So this is an idea I have had rattling around in my head for sometime. The idea is that you would play a female (I am also open to males as the victim) who has been abducted by one of the scouts. When they wake up they are dressed in a simple tunic of sorts and told if they wish to have their freedom they must make it through the maze. Though the corridors themselves are for the most part safe (some will have traps).  When a girl enters a room they will be given the option of two scenarios they will face and they must survive it . IF they do not they wind up  at the start of the maze and must start it again this is where the partial snuff comes in because if the girl is killed in one of the rooms she does not die just  has to start over. Though that is not the only bad end, the girls can suffer in the holo programs. IF they  reach a point where they break and can not go one they become a slave to The Executive. If they make it to the end like I said above they can return home or become a Talent Scout.  

    Third spoiler is another one that is not for the faint of heart. 


    The Demon and the Nun:  Big Kinks - Dub con or Non con, Anal, Piercing's, Bondage, Mental and Physical tourture (Sexual and non sexual ), Branding, Tattoos,  Blood,  Dom/Sub,  Clothed sex,  Transformation (will be explained). 

    Plot-  Basically the story of the how a nun falls from her high place to be come the pet of a demon. 

    Side note - Yes the plot is  kind of short as this could be done in so many ways and could even go beyond the fall of the one nun and maybe the fall of a whole monastery. Could be something  even more long term. This could be done in different settings. Could be a fantasy world, or even a more modern world..... shoot could even be  in a apocalyptic world... or a apocalyptic fantasy world.  It could even be the falling on an angel if you wanted. Point being it is a story about the corruption of a character and what could happen after said charter is corrupted.  I am willing to play the demon bu im looking to play more the person being corrupted.  No mater what part I play I would like to kind of do this with someone that would like to build the world we are playing in. 


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