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    For those unfamiliar with the term: Isekai is a fantasy genre where a person from Earth is transported to, reborn, or trapped in a parallel universe or fantasy world. They are also given either immense strength in one field or another, or a sort of cheat skill to embark on a journey or something comparable...in the case of a male MC they usually get all the ladies on their way there. (But I don’t actually see a problem with a reverse harem either or even a mixture of males and females.) Examples in anime include SAO, Konosuba, Overlord, Rising of the Shield Hero, Arifureta, and many more.

    Generally speaking the character who is transported is done so by a higher entity or random chance to defeat a Great Evil. This evil could include a demon king, or stopping an apocalypse. 

    For this role play though...your modern character arrives in the fantasy world, fully capable of fighting/being skilled, BUT they soon find out that the great evil has already been handled! They were too late, and are now stuck in this fantasy world....thumbs up their asses!!!! Your character spends the next months making a living as mercenary. She is lending a helping hand...maybe clean up from the great evil they just missed upon arrival. They assist if needed so long as it fills their pockets, but it isn't quite enough to make a living. At least not a luxurious one with a house like she probably wants.


    One day when traveling through a village, they notice a small shop selling items that should not be in this world. Bottles of Cola, freeze dried food, and actual medicine instead of potions. When asking the store owner where they got those from, they reply "You're not gonna believe this, but I'm not from this world!!"

    So yeah! Rather than just one person getting isekaied, there are at least TWO! I want to make this RP about modern people bringing modern conveniences to the fantasy world. This RP idea was originally presented by @Lusterless Nova . 

    In some ways it is like Dr. Stone or maybe DragonQuest Builders. Our characters together bring modern/technology to the fantasy world! 

    Obviously there has to be some attraction between our characters! So I am going to show you my character so you know what you are working with!


    The idea here is to give Jacob a partner. Someone to help him invent much more stuff, and get a friend, home, and lover in return. And the best part? It could be fun to turn this into a harem/reverse harem/mixed harem once more people are needed, but that is for later...it’s not set in stone (See what I did there!)

    Shout out again to @Lusterless Nova !! Thank you for this idea...and letting me copy-cat it!! 

    The actual RP I’d like to see in our Ecchitexts, but if you have any questions...Please do post them here!!! You might answer the question for someone else after all. And I know we all should be striving to do that!!

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    "it’s not set in stone (See what I did there!)"

    Heh. Get out.

    And since I like the idea, how about me as one of those you write this with? I dare say I get the gist of it.

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