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    Hey hey! Thanks for opening my thread ^^
    I'm always looking for some more roleplays, so if you have a concept you wanna try, just message me! I only play submissive roles, and I can play male or female, but I tend to swing towards male, and I especially enjoy playing as a trap or shota.
    I usually only play as 16 and younger, unless the idea interests me enough for me to try it out.

    My favorite pairings are Trap x Futa and Shota x Onee-san(Doesn't have to be an older sister, just a female older than my character.)
    I usually aim for about 50/50 or 60/40 smut in my roleplays.

    Biggest Craving: Sissification RP, hopefully with incest. I'm looking for someone to sissify me, could be my father, uncle, football coach, brother, teacher, anybody. PM me if you're interested! Let's brainstorm for this.

    Some ideas: 

    Shota x Onee-san: MC would be around 10 - 12 years old, and YC would be an older woman(over 18). She could be his mother, older sister, teacher, neighbor, babysitter, really anything you want. Story? I was thinking MC is curious about sex and YC teaches him a few things. Or instead, YC finds my character especially cute, and decides to seduce him. I'm fine with YC being either a female or a futa ^^

    Trap x Futa: Self explanatory enough, I'm hoping to play a trap getting his ass destroyed by a curvy futa. Lovingly destroyed, but still destroyed. YC again could be MC's mother, older sister, teacher, neighbor, babysitter, or anything that piques your interest. Not really any plot ideas, so if this interests you at all, just dm me!

    Male x Female or Trap x Futa: A college setting! I'm thinking MC would be 17/18, and just going off to college. YC would probably be a similar age, 18/19-ish and also going off to college. Our characters wind up as roommates, and YC takes a liking to MC. One thing leads to another, and lots of sex ensues!


    That's all, folks! I'll update this thread as I come up with more stuff, but if you ever need a trap to roleplay with, message me and we'll see what happens!


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