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  • (Temporarily closed) Search for open-minded Fantasy stuff for my character.

    So here's the deal, I have this character I put together in the gallery that I'd like to use. She was created with fantasy settings, and quite honestly she's a character I've been wanting to use for a long while, so. Time to make an ad, yeah? That said I don't have anything specific in mind, I'm honestly mostly looking for suggestions, but I'll detail a rough outline of what I'm looking for below.

    Before I get to what I'm looking for, let me preferacy by saying that I don't do Discord at all. Not for RP, not for OOC. Kay, cool? Ecchitexts are preferred for RP, but I can be convinced to do whatever else, so long as it's on site. I also prefer partners who can write a fair amount of detail, as I do so myself. I don't ask for a small novel, but definitely more than a few lines per post.


    So anyways. the character in question is Karla. You can find the full bio under the pic I linked, and she has a whole album I put together for her, under my profile. But just for the sake of including some meat here: Karla is a former assassin/rogue type turned traveler/wanderer, with no clear goal in life besides surviving and going wherever the road takes her - while trying to stay out of trouble. She's malleable and can be adapted to a lot of settings and scenarios. All fantasy, of course.

    So in terms of scenario, what am I looking for? Various things, I suppose. Of course a DM/GM would be amazing, but I know that's a big ask, and a lot of work, having done so in RPs myself. I tend to be alright with any 'ratio' of smut and story, but I am very much looking for smut. So I won't do something like 90/10 story to smut ratio, for example. If I were just looking for pure story, I'd be on a different site, you know?

    Scenarios based heavily around smut could also be fine, although in those cases I want to emphasize I tend not to favor traditional males. What does that mean? No manly, handsome, muscular, or 'regular' males. I do however have a huge fondness for 'traps' or shota characters. Although for scenes where faceless NPCs are involved, males can be fine. (Like gangbangs) That said, that only applies to males, for female/futa I'm up for whatever. I'm also pretty big into heavy fetish themes like corruption, forced nudity, humiliation, bestiality, etc.

    In other words, I have a pretty open mind, heh. So I'd probably work best with someone who's also much the same.

    I'm also not much for romance. If it happens as a natural part of the RP, that's fine, but if it was the intended goal and main objective from the start, just, you know, pass.


    Anyways this is all getting a bit ranty. If you've made it so far, thanks for reading this! Sorry that it's basically just a messed jumble of words. Either way, if you've read all this, and you have some kind of idea or suggestion, feel free to shoot me an ecchitext. I'm very willing to brainstorm and discuss things.

    And yes I know the pictures are from Etrian Odyssey IV, I've played it.

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