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    I am Currently -Not Accepting- New Partners


    About Me as a Roleplayer

    When it comes to Smutty roleplays, I primarily play Female characters.  When it comes to more Story-driven stuff, I will play either gender.  You can generally expect to get a post from me within 1-3 days.  On a day I do reply, you can often expect multiple replies in that same day.  I also work a full-time job, so if I do or don't respond depends alot on how tired I am after work ( which usually isn't too bad ) and whether or not i'm motivated or in the mood.

    I'm pretty laid-back, so don't feel afraid to ask questions or tell me you've lost interest.  I also try to be very communicative during Roleplays ( Which is way I generally run two EcchiTexts: One for the RP, one for OOC and general talk. ) and I do like to get to know my partners a little.

    When I write combat or sex scenes, I tend to get more descriptive.  This is just what I enjoy so if i'm doing too much, let me know.

    What I'm Looking for in a Partner

    --General Clarity.  Just have good grammer and spelling.
    --Able and willing to write at least a paragraph or two.  More is always welcome and less is accepted if you're having an off day or the scene is hard to write more for ( especially during scenes where you require the other's input )
    --Someone that will communicate.  Be honest and tell me if you can't continue or if you're gonna be gone and unable to post for awhile.  But mostly communicate with me about the RP.  Where you would like to go with it.  What scene you want to do next.  If something bothers you.
    --While I enjoy Story-driven RPs and have no problem writing them, I am on EcchiDreams to enjoy the smuttier stuff, so a partner that's on the same page would be nice.

    Things I Absolutely Will NOT Roleplay
    --Hardcore Rape ( I can only go as far as non-consenual.  As in, even if they say no, they still enjoy it. )
    --Male-on-Male or Male-on-Futa  ( Sorry, just not into it )

    Plots and Stories
    These are plots i'd like to play, so feel free to pick from here.  I am also always up to listen to new ideas or alterations, so if you have an idea you'd like to try then by all means, please share.




    Pairing: MxF
    Potential Tags: Shota, Anal, Exhibitionism, Somnophilia, lite BDSM, Bestiality ( Optional ), Toys, Non-Consenual

    --Plot would revolve around a woman ( 20-25 ) who regularly babysits for a couple and their son.  The Shota has become attracted the woman over time and begins to develop urges he doesn't fully understand.  Having to leave the country for business, the couple invites the Babysitter to stay over and watch the Shota for a few days, thus kickstarting our plot.
    --During their days together, the Babysitter and Shota would share moments both lewd and embarrassing that builds up the Shota's libido to a point where he loses control and has sex with the Babysitter.  This would be non-consenual on her part, not full-blown rape.  She would harbor secret feelings for Shota, but due to moral ramifications, resist and deny Shota outloud.  But once he starts touching her lewdly, she would yield and consent.
    --My options for their first time are:  Babysitter gets stuck and is unable to stop Shota.  Or he starts touching her after she falls asleep.  ( If you're into somnophilia )
    --Afterwards, the babysitter, feeling guilty like she unintentionally seduced him, feels like she's become responsible for his urges and needs to take care of them.  After a 2nd or 3rd time, she would succumb to her feelings and want to become his lover.
    --After that we could do various things:  Make the Babysitter walk around in public without underwear or with a vibrator and have them engage in public sex, or maybe they play a game and the loser has to play a punishment game: maybe he makes her go around the house naked for a day, etc.  Or any kind of situation that sounds fun.

    Tentacular Corruption


    Pairings: FxF ( Ideal ), Mxf ( Doable )
    Potential Tags: Yuri, Exhibitionism, Tentacles, Corruption, Impregnation ( Optional )

    --So this idea is based on a neat gif I posted on my feed.  This plot would revolve around two female friends.  One of the girls would invite her friend over one day to find out that her and her family are willingly subserviant to a tentacle monster.
    --The monster's tentacles would casually snake around the house and stimulate the female member's erogenous zones.  The creature is a type of parasite, feeding off the sexual arousal of it's servants and attempting to impregnate females in order to procreate.
    --The plot would revolve around the corrupted friend and tentacle monster trying to corrupt the other friend into becoming a willingly sextoy to the monster.

    Princess Corruption ( Fall From Grace ) 


    Pairings: MxF or FxF or FemalexFuta
    Potential Tags: Anything on the Preference sheet

    --So this plot would revolve around a Princess of a fantasy kingdom with intense sexual curiosity, but afraid to take a chance because of her social standing and position.  An Advisor, maybe a spy, tries to convince the Princess that it would be good for her to satisfy her sexual urges despite her position.  He/She would begin the process of slowly corrupting the Princess and turning her from an Upstanding, Noble Princess into a sex-addicted slut.  Maybe the action destabilizes the country and allows an invading army to take over.

    Run The Gauntlet


    This is more or less an experiment I would like to try.  Inspired by Run-or-Rape games of yore, this RP would primarily revolve around combat and sex.  We will take a Female Character who runs through a setting battling perverted creatures and humans, falling prey to lewd traps and trying to survive their predicament.  And by survive, I mean trying not to be turned into a sex-addled slut.

    --This RP is only for a partner looking to play a Female Character, as I will be playing--you could say GMing--the enemies, traps and other trials the character will face.  NPCs too.  No Loli.  ( Sorry, super not into underdeveloped/underaged females ).  No Futa.  ( I don't mind Futas, but only when there's another non-Futa involved. ) Furries are maybe.  ( I'm not really into furries, but there's been one or two that have caught my eye on occasion.  Will have to discuss. )
    --Almost all scenarios will involve either bestiality or interspecies sex.
    --Does not have to involve rape.  Scenarios could be a trial for a Female Warrior who is tasked to pass without giving in to her sexual urges.
    --Both players will be tasked with world-building as the Heroine explores the world.  Minor enemies and traps can be escaped/defeated without my input ( as in you can slay or run from them during your post to keep things moving forward ) but I will choose to spring them.  There will also be major enemies, bosses if you will, which I will mark by doing this to their name:  *Bazog*.  This enemies will be exclusively controlled by me and thus will be treated as if they were my character.  IE:  Don't control without permission, don't kill or maim without permission, etc.
    --All scenario can be turned into a story-driven narrative at some point.  Right now I just want to try this and see if it works.


    Possible Scenarios

    --Jungle Girl - Girl battles for survival in a dangerous jungle filled with perverted animals, horny tribesmen and dirty-minded hunters.  All while wearing a skimpy outfit made of leaves.

    --Angel Girl - Winged Female finds herself cast into Hell.  To escape she'll need to battle wily Demons and demented Devils who all want to make her into their sextoy.

    --Alien Planet - Space Girl finds herself alone on an alien planet.  To get home she'll need to search for her ship while battling strange aliens and even stranger wildlife.  All of whom want to impregnate her.

    --Infected City - Female Survivor will need to fight her way through a city infested with sexually aggressive humans and mutants.

    --Super Mario: Peach Escapes! - Tired of always waiting to be rescued, Princess Peach finally takes matters into her own hands and escapes Bowser's castle on her own.  But to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom she must battle her way through Bowser's henchmen and minions, or at least the ones that have always wanted to take her for a ride.

    --Anything Else - Feel free to share any kind of Scenario that sounds like it would be fun or make for a great Gauntlet run.



    --This would be a more Story-driven plot, but could still have smut.  I've always wanted to Roleplay in this world, but never gotten a chance.  My thought would be that we could take a duo or small group of adventurers, have them meet while chasing a person that wronged them all.  As they pursue this person, they stumble onto an event that could have world-shattering effects.

    And I will be updating this post whenever I come up with a new plot idea or if I am unable to accept new Roleplays.  Hope to be Roleplaying with some of you soon!!

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    Updated to include the Run The Gauntlet plotline.  This is an experimental RP I wanna try.  I'm not quite sure how well the format will work as an actual RP so be forewarned and don't feel bad if either I or you lose interest.

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