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    Hello, every one and welcome to my request thread.

    First a little bit about myself. I am 30 year old male from Japan, I have a Monday-Friday job, I role play in 3rd person, My post length are normally 1-3 paragraphs.
    My only limits when it comes to RPs are Rape,Scat,Diapers,Adult babies, Extreme violence, and Death.
    Some of my favourite kinks are Rough sex,Anal,Public sex,Recording, Incest,Risk of Pregnancy/Pregnancy ,Sexual piercings, Ect.

    Now onto some plots.

    The Virus.
    A new virus has appeared and it is something the world has never seen before. Instead of people getting sick and dying in slow and agonizing way. People who are infect with this new virus are super horny and will anything to get laid. Causing absolute chaos in cities around the world.
    Our characters could be a new couple trying survive and not get infected or they can give in join the orgy party in the streets.

    Blind Date app
    My character's parents have been nagging my character to start a family of his own, or at least start dating. Unable to take it anymore he decides to set up account on a dating app what set people up on blind dates. Just so he could get his parents off his back.
    This could lead to any pairing. Human x Demon, Human x Furry, Furry x Human, Human x Fantasy Creature, Ect

    My Sister is Escort?
    My character could of recently had a messy break up with his now ex-girlfriend. Feeling bad for their friend my character's friends hire a escort to his apartment. What is all in good except his sister secretly works as escort for that agency. This could also be a Cousin x Cousin, Father x Daughter, Son x Mother RP

    Wrong hotel
    Are characters are young couple who celebrating their one year anniversary. Wanting to do something special they decide to spend some money and go away on vacation to a tropical resort only to find out they booked the wrong resort and end up at a nudist resort.

    I'm Your Christmas Present (Christmas theme)
    Its Christmas eve and your character can't wait to give my character her Christmas present.
    Pairing could be close friends or family members

    If any of these interest you please DM/PM me


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