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  • That Time We Got Reincarnated, Together

    I've recently been watching a show by the name of 'That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime', and it is slowly but surely becoming my favorite anime to watch. Upon finding out about this fact, I've discovered that the genre known as 'Isekai' is occasionally something that I would like to see myself writing, and I get plenty of inspiration from the worlds I've seen. 'Isekai' tends to describe a plot in which the main character is forced to another world outside of the one they were living in; and it usually involves that protagonist dying, and being reborn into that new world. That said, this is the general idea that I'm providing at the moment. I have a few things to add, but first, I must lay down some rules.

    As an adult myself, I'll have to ask for my potential partner to be at least 18.  

    Please try to use correct punctuation and spelling. I can overlook the occasional typo or error, but try not to make it too common.

    Would be super neat if you're willing to play the roles of multiple characters. I already plan on playing at least four main characters, and multiple pairings are pretty neat.

    That said, I'll only do MxF and FxF pairings. If there's a need for a MxF pairing, I would more than likely take up the male role due to my own preferences.

    Be epic. (Feel free to tell me how epic you are in your first message so I know you've read all this.)

    If you start to lose your muse, or you get bored, please let me know. I'm ghost-friendly, but it'll forever hurt my feelings. That's a joke. But still, let a brother know.

    Please let me know if you have any triggers. Or dislikes.

    No one-liners. I can't work with anything less than two paragraphs.

    Cool with this? Awesome, let's get down to business.

    If you're familiar with the 'Isekai' genre prior to viewing this thread, you might know a few common characteristics that make up the whole plot. I might be wrong, but every anime revolving around this sort of story tends to have a pretty powerful main character. To the point where you're probably asking yourself, "Does this guy/girl ever freakin' die?" And if I'm honest, I absolutely love it. Call it a guilty pleasure of mine, but I love the fact that these protagonists are out here living their best life. Don't get me wrong, 'The Rising of the Shield Hero' definitely exists, and even that one had me on the edge of my seat, y'know? That one totally has a super strong main character, too. You might be able to see where I'm going with this. Just in case you don't, though... I intend for this story to be our own little guilty pleasure.
    I think I can confidently say that at least half of the people that roleplay are doing it to escape the real world. So this is quite literally the best thing someone could ask for, right? That's the way I see it, at least. We kinda-sorta just have to be relatively on the same page in order for a story like this to work. 'Cause if you're over here with the desire to do something that involves characters, history, or anything else from the series known as 'Overlord', I'm gonna feel all kinds of horrible when I say, "My lazy ass hasn't seen that one yet-" But, it is on my list to watch!
    This idea easily has the chance to go a bit out of control, and I suppose the best way to describe it would using the term 'crossover'. With that in mind, I will be including a little list of the Isekai anime that I have seen in my own personal ranking of best to not-so-best. Unfortunately, this list is limited to what has been released in animation. I have not read any of the manga.


    • That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime
    • The Rising Of The Shield Hero
    • Mushoku Tensei (Also known as 'Jobless Reincarnation')
    • Konosuba
    • Log Horizon

    So now, I'm sure you're wondering when I'm finally going to start talking about my idea. It starts now! I just like to get all the technical stuff out of the way, pfft-
    Earlier, I mentioned that this idea is best described as a 'crossover'. However, we're not going to get too crazy unless you're interested in the thoughts that have come to mind. So for example, let's say we wish to reincarnate/send our characters to the wacky world of Konosuba in order to slay the Demon Lord. Sounds pretty epic, right? Or, what if they woke up in the country of Melromarc, and were immediately tasked with becoming two of the Four Heroes? Hell, we could always send them into a world as two little slimes, and see where they go from there! It might have been easier to explain it as an 'Original Characters self-insert fan fiction', but I figured I would use some words that may or may not have captured your attention. And if you've read this far, I'm assuming it must have worked, haha.
    So, what do you think? Does the idea interest you to the point of wishing to explore these possibilities? Send me a Private Message, and we'll get a discussion started.

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