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    Hey everyone ❤️ , I felt like doing a Yaoi-inspired roleplay. Which is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where most of the world as we know it is in ruins. The human race battles furiously against "monsters" or as we know them, creatures,  the main one we are reading about is my character I have no special name for him yet but I will think about it before we start. 
    The things I need from you are who your character is to mine, Is your character an enemy a creature of some sort is he good, or is he bad? Is he perhaps in another squad? or is he in the same squad?. The last but not least is are your characters on top or a bottom?
    Oh and be warned this will be a heavy roleplay with a lot of hard stuff mental issues etc but also a lot of gay love you have been warned 😉
    Art Flirt GIF by sahlooter

    Here is the story enjoy!

    We were humanity's last hope, we were the beacons of light over the destroyed cities. 
    We were the great soldiers of tomorrow, we were the great seeds of the future. 

    I was born and raised in a city whose name is long forgotten, a war between humans and monsters had been going on since long before I was born. I was raised by a woman whose face I have forgotten, she was however not my mother or so I've been told. All the children were taken care of by one or more women, so it was never certain which was yours. Some women died in childbirth, while others just simply vanished. No one is certain what tomorrow brings us, but one thing was certain for me I was going to bring justice for all our fallen. 

    My whole life had been deaths and passings as the wind, moving from town to town in hopes of finally finding a safe place. The monsters smell fear, they smell everything. That is why we kept moving, they have a heightened sense of feeling and picking up scents. They are not as tired as we are, and will never stop growing in masses. For each down twice if not more are born, and each night we can hear their deep lust for blood. 

    When I was 15 my training for soldiers began, I was old enough to do the choosing myself. You could either be a provider, a soldier, or a husband. All equally important, more children meant more mouths to grow too strong providers one day just like me. My choice was not hard to make, nor was it sad. Seeing all the fallen soldiers each day made my heart burn with a deep rage, and I felt like never before. 

    As years arrived and went by, I grew stronger and after years of training, I was finally where I wanted to be...Where I mattered the most. The front line of our great race, where I could fight to either win or be one of the masses. As the sun rose again our squad moved out, of course, there were many squads which was called Alpha squad before ours. Many of those were our ancestors that fought with the same fire as we, when a squad dies out completely you always take the next name in line. You always begin at Alpha down to Omega, once the last Omega dies it back at Alpha. From Alpha to Omega generations usually pass, some soldier squads die faster and some die slower. I remembered the last Omega before us, it had one member in the end. He had been through all kinds of hell, His left foot was cut clear off. He had bite marks all over, he had claw marks over his legs and his scalp. The last time he came back he had defeated a whole Naga squad all by himself, he was bleeding heavily and he had lost his left eye. The next morning after he patched himself up he rushed out once more, he was never seen again. Somehow I want to become like him, because he really mattered. 

    (here is my characthers look but his personality will be sent privatley after some things are decided ^^)

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