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    Welcome to my plot idea forum post! Here I'll post a range of broad ideas for people to read through, all of which are available to be RPed with yours truly. I hope that the aesthetic pleases you, and perhaps something will intrigue you, pulling you in. I'm mostly focus on story based plots, however, that doesn't mean they aren't shy of lewdness. In fact, lewdness is more than welcomed. 

    As mentioned earlier, this post is for my more generic ideas. This doesn't mean they're boring, just that they are rather open ended. This isn't me be lazy either, but instead giving others a chance to have their own inputs about various plot points and characters. Speaking of, there is a list of fandoms that I favour at the bottom. 

    I have a more specific plot thread available, linked at the bottom of the page, and on my profile.


    There is also a new key that will show what the state of the posts are. These are subject to change at any time, so feel free to check back regularly.

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    Open world/Multiversal University 


    So I was thinking about something that really builds up a world of sorts, and figured that a good scenario would be a normal world. The twist, is that the normal world would be inhabited by a numerous fictional characters. The best setting for this would be something like a university type thing, where characters would hang out, learn things, go to parties, etc. It would probably be in an area that's fairly well contained, like a city.

    Now, I'd say that there could be a protagonist of sorts that could potentially be the only person aware of the fictional characters true origins, or he could be completely clueless. Either way, the story would revolve around this guy, and his studies there among the wide variety of characters. This would lead to interesting conversations between characters that would normally never interact. For example, he could be sharing a flat with a small handful of people like Luffy, Raven, Tracer and Tsuyu. That could lead to some amusing conversations and interactions. Also, physical anomalies, such as Raven's grey skin or Tsuyu being a frog girl would be completely normal seeming to everyone.

    Now, there would of course be various sexual hijinks too, but given so much choice means things would need to be thought through.

    Genie luck 


    Everyone has always thought about what they would wish for if they ever found a genie. Well, what if you did? Suddenly, three wishes are all yours! Except, fuck the normal genie rules, this is porn! So you're able to summon up any fictional character into reality, and immediately make them fall for you. That's 2 wishes down, so you still have a third to go crazy with! Or perhaps, if you word things correctly, you might get a bit of a deal. For example "I wish for all the characters I list in the next minute to appear in this room." Loopholes, loopholes everywhere. Or, just fuck the genie. Literally. The genie can be a hot woman, there's no rules.

    So I figure that this could be a fun and interesting concept if given the right amount of flair and creativity. As such, I think that brainstorming with others could lead to both hilarious, or super lewd scenes resulting. Given that the power is limitless, I'd love to see what people would actually think of when it comes to having a genie in a lewd story.

    A thrilling adventure


    Everyone knows the general premise of an adventure being that a group of individuals band together to explore, having fun times and saving the day. There's also the lewder version, where exploring is the same, except with a lot more sex. Whilst the classic is a tried and true method, it only takes a little extra to change the whole situation into something with a different vibe entirely. Whether it be vanilla, or on the hard extreme side, people can always find something to fit their tastes.

    For example, I think that Fairy Tail is a fantastic start point for a story like this. In this scenario, I'd love to play as a new member that takes jobs, has fun with his friends and even forms a team. As his bonds with the guild grow, things can end up getting steamy, and with so many waifus to choose from, it would be fantastic. It's one of my favourites, so I'd definitely be putting a lot of effort into making this a good one.

    Whilst Fairy Tail may be a little tame for some, there's always a bit of a freaky shake up. Instead of that, why not have the world filled with monster girls to fight/fuck. Not your thing? Make it a wide open ocean and have an adventure straight out of One Piece. Jump to the future and try to live with a group of survivors in the wake of an apocalyptic event. It could be from war, plants taking back the Earth, or even aliens!



    I'm going to be straightforward with this from the get go. I know that asking for someone to play as multiple characters can be a no go for most. However, for those who don't mind, or want a bit of a challenge, I ask of you this somewhat selfish request. See, a harem focuses on one guy (my character) having a plethora of women to indulge him whenever he sees fit. This doesn't mean there can't be romance or actual relationships, and in fact, I'd strive for that. But it is somewhat selfish. If this doesn't bother you however, I'd love to dive deeper into a story about it.

    Set up in this type of situation can be difficult, but not impossible if you tweak the rules. Now this can be limited to a specific universe/fandom, or it can be a whole pick and mix of fun. The first isn't too difficult, just throw in a character and watch as they fuck away. The latter one requires some deeper planning. Said characters could exist freely (see the first post for an example) or the main guy could have some sort of gadget that would allow him to dip into a random universe and bring someone back with him.

    Of course, this is all up for discussion, and any ideas you may have are greatly welcomed. As for harem size, that might differ depending on the situation, and available characters. Perhaps later in the story, things can happen that cause a member to leave. Plenty of possibilities, any many women awaiting.

    Slice of life/New neighbour


    Wild, wacky and crazy plots can often be a hell of a lot of fun, but sometimes you just need to take a step back and try something calmer and relaxing. Slice of life anime tend to do this whilst still being fun and interesting with their comedic antics, but don't push the envelope too much. Likewise, why not have a RP that does something similar, hence this plot. Having a friendly neighbour is great, but having a neighbour that secretly loves you makes things even more dramatic. First, I'd suggest having the main guy be something similar to a generic protagonist, but with some twists. For example, he could be a single dad, a man with a terrible illness, a lonely man with nobody, etc. However, things can turn upside down when he has a new neighbour move in, who immediately takes a liking to him. To match the dynamic, she could be outgoing. For example, take Miruko, and make her a fitness coach and slide her into a slice of life. Hotaru, but she's a confectionary chef. Maki, but she's a firefighter. Their characters can be shifted slightly from the original and slipped into a slice of life. 

    This particular plot is a little odd, as it's not particularly super expansive from a first look, but the more I've thought about it, the more it really could be. After all, think about how many things can happen in a slice of life. Perhaps the neighbour follows him around, perhaps she's straightforward. Would the guy be clueless to her advances, or would he have a brain and notice? Is there a woman from his work who's jealous of this mysterious neighbour who is flirting with her workmate? Rivalries? Chaos? It's all in the cards, and has plenty of room for ideas, which makes me think this would be more of a thing that involves several short stories that turn into a longer story. Like a slice of life.

    Suspense and Terror


    After some recent discussions, I've become curious about horror ERP. From the get go, I'll admit that this may not be my particular forte, but I'm willing and wanting to try something out. Apparently, having only a small amount of predetermined plot is the best for these types of situations, so I'm not entirely sure what I should put here. Perhaps it's a classic chase sort of thing, with one of our characters being some sort of monster that's out for the other. Or, it could be more of a slower take, with the priority being to move quietly and hide from any potential threats. A group of survivors in some sort of invasion/apocalypse. This opens things up wildly for what types of characters we play as, be they monster girls, psychopaths, serial madmen, aliens, etc. 

    I'll try my best to be as open minded as possible for this, and of course I'm more than willing to discuss things, and listen to any ideas you may have about the story. I'm up for playing multiple characters too if that's something that would help, but I do ask for some patience considering my lack of expertise. Hopefully, I'll be able to learn something new with this, and provide an enjoyable story experience. Oh, and lewd stuff too, duh.

    9 to 5 🔥


    Everyday life can be pretty damn boring. But what if instead of wanting to stay in bed all day, you actually wanted to get out there, working away. This could be for a number of reasons, but in this scenario, the obvious answer is because sex is super fun. Lemme slow it down a sec to explain. So in this plot, our characters would be working regular jobs, but since it'll be ERP, we can spice it up. So perhaps our characters work in a bar or tavern. They serve drinks and food, and may occasionally rent out a room for the night. But what if a group of customers is particularly rowdy? Maybe the waitress "handles" them for an extra tip. Maybe a lovely lady is taken aback by the bar keep, and they spend a lovely night together in the back room.

    Since this is a broad idea, the specifics don't need to be put down right away. Perhaps the tavern is often host to monsters, both men and women. Perhaps it's more like a Star Wars cantina. Of course, it doesn't necessarily have to be limited to a bar or tavern.

    Both characters could work in an office. During breaks, they spend time fucking in the bathrooms. Maybe the boss uses her to convince his points in a meeting behind the guys back. Perhaps the setting is instead a college/university, where there's rumours of two horny professors getting it on when nobody's looking. Extra credit for grades anyone? The opportunities are endless, so I'm also open to any ideas you might have that aren't listed here.

    This is currently the end of the plot list. HOWEVER! The thread isn't finished just yet!

    Fandom list



    • Fairy Tail
    • Bleach 
    • One Piece 
    • Dragonball 
    • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure 
    • One Punch Man
    • Boku No Hero Academia 
    • Kill la Kill
    • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
    • Monster Musume
    • Konosuba 
    • Naruto
    • Attack on Titan (most of it)
    • Demon Slayer
    • Jujutsu Kaisen
    • Quintessential Quintuplets 


    • Overwatch 
    • Legend of Zelda BOTW
    • Pokemon
    • Super Smash Bros (although I haven't really played much, and don't know a lot of the characters)
    • Helltaker
    • Nier Automata 
    • Destiny


    • Teen Titans
    • Steven Universe 
    • Marvel
    • Star Wars
    • Transformers Prime
    • Hololive EN

    Bonus Characters

    • Velma Dinkley (Scooby Doo)
    • Marin Kitagawa (Dress Up Darling)
    • Rem (RE Zero)
    • Chun Li (Street Fighter)
    • Princess Peach (Mario)
    • Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx)
    • Maki Oze (Fire Force)
    • Uzaki Hana (Uzaki wants to hang out)
    • Komi Shouko (Komi can't communicate)
    • Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)
    • Hotaru Shidare (Dagashi Kashi)
    • Angewomon (Digimon)
    • Fugiwara Chika (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)


    I have also linked my gallery, which contains other reference pics of characters I'd love to do something with, or use in the above plots.

    That pretty much wraps it all up. Any feedback is appreciated, as I wish for this place to be the best it can be. Below is also a link to the specific ideas list, feel free to check that out too.

    Lastly, I want to thank you for reading, and I want to thank Tema for helping out with adding the extra tools to mobile. Absolute life saver!



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    A new plot has been added! Share your feedback, and lemme know your thoughts!

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    New plot acquired. I'm thinking of perhaps having this thread dedicated to broader plots, and then having a separate one for specifics. 

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    New plot and updated fandom list. The plot isn't as in depth as the others, but that's kind of the point. Hope people enjoy! 

    Plus, gallery link!

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    New plot plus added the key that shows interest. As always, feedback is appreciated! (Seriously though, someone tell me if I'm wasting my time by writing these this way 🤣)

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