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  • The Come on Inn, an exotic fantasy brothel

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    The Come on Inn is a exotic Brothel featuring all your desires. Into femboy tieflings? fat bottom goblins gals? femdom foot queen elves? dilf dragonborns? you've come to the right place cause we have it all! Here we will satisfy all your curiosity and desires. 

    This roleplay is both a sex and story roleplay about 2 friends opening up a brothel and trying to make it successful. Throughout this roleplay we will play as the 2 owners along with our own escorts and patrons for each other. I ask that you are creative and willing to play multiple characters of different genders, race, and species along with being very open to a lot of kinks and fetishes. I would like this roleplay will be a slice of life style with lots of fun naughty sex scenes sprinkled in. 

    Thank you for reading, please comment if you're interested. 

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    Howdy, love the idea and how open it is. I'm not open to absolutely everything, but I'd like to that my limits are pretty reasonable and shouldn't get in the way hopefully. As for my character I was thinking of playing as a femboy tiefling, and if you're into it maybe they're a werewolf.

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    Yo, id love a fantasy brothel. I'm open to plenty, the kinkier the better. That being said, I also enjoy plot.

    First thing that comes to me is the snake women from Incase's Alfie comic.


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