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  • The Erotic Adventures of The Worlds Greatest Monster Hunter(who happens to have a massive monster girl fetish) and his Slime Girl Sidekick

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    (This is just a first draft and is open to change.)

    Ryo Talon, Age 17-18

    Set in a Fantasy world where humans and monsters are locked in a never ending battle for supremacy, my character is Ryo Talon, the son of the world’s strongest monster hunter.


    Gifted with his father’s incredible strength and speed, plus unparalleled magical talent, Ryo was  brutally trained daily by his father to fight the monsters that threatened humans, so he could take over with his father retired. But on his first mission to hunt a monster that was seen outside a town, he found himself face to with a weak Demon woman. Monsters eat energy, their favorite being that of a human and the Demon had been starving and was looking for a meal.

    Seeing no honor in fighting a weak  enemy, the kind hearted Ryo offered some of his energy to the woman so they could have a fair fight, confidant in his vast amount of stamina. The sexy demon hesitated for a moment before nodding, surprising Ryo by kissing him, which was a demons favorite way to feed.

    For Ryo, who had never had any sexual experience, the feeling of the woman’s soft lips on his was electrifying, making his heart race and massive cock bulge. And for the demon, the taste of Ryo’s energy was like nothing she had ever had before, so sweet and strong that it sent her into a aroused frenzy. Before the two could even think, they found themselves mating like wild animals that lasted a entire night.

    The next morning as the sun rose, the very satisfied demon left, promising not to return to hurt any more humans as thanks for the incredible night and meal Ryo had given her, promising to find him again when she got hungry. And that was the start of the world’s greatest hunter Ryo’s monster girl fetish. 

    The story starts out a year after that happens, where Ryo’s father was retired and Ryo, was traveling to meet with the king of the humans to look into a sudden increase in monster sightings. On the way there, he stops at a inn and finds a your character, a extremely rare hybrid of slime and a human, working as a slave.


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