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    The world is thrown into darkness by a great evil. Klara Helden a Powerful magus is called upon or rather found to go stop it, The order has ordered that she go take care of the evil something that they have left alone for far too long. in a world of ruined temples and craggy cliffs and wastelands you are summoned to be handed over to a master to train. You are not the best at talking to people and your grasp on magic is not as you would've liked people often mistake you for a girl due to your more androgynous looks . The order thrusts you into the arms of a rather irate Klara.  one who they just told to go end the great evil that plagues the lands now has an apprentice to worry about. you find Klara well you find her as a drunk who manages to luck herself into victories. she hides herself away at times you assume to replenish any spent mana. She however has a rather more carnal curse placed on her that will be revealed later.


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