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  • The Neighbor Next Door

    So I saw this Idea before, and thought I may as well try it out. 
    I have not set any tags of what this RP will mostly have, but I would like it to run to the more wholesome side of things. Onto the plot I had in mind (as mentioned before I saw this idea elsewhere but I thought I'd post it and make some changes)

    Its written in Neighbor character which I would like you to play as.

    As long as you can remember, the house next door had always been up for sale more often than you can recount. You had asked your parents about it, but they just told you it was a house no one wants or uses. However, you kept thinking about that house even after you had moved away for another country as a kid due to your parents jobs. Eventually you came back now as a successful adult who's finishing up a research thesis to get their doctorate and to your surprise, when you moved back into your old home.....you couldn't believe it someone had moved in. It seemed as if the person that moved in was a young single mom who has a small kid which didn't bother you at first, but boy a few weeks later you wish you would have never came back. It seemed as if this woman could not control her child as tantrums were thrown almost every night and crying that could wake up the entire neighbor hood could be heard. 

    You had gotten sick of it since it was disturbing you work so one Wednesday night you decide to go over and give the woman a piece of your mind, but once she opened the door all you could see was a tired, exhausted mother who had endured too much since she had that face saying "Here comes another one". You couldn't shout at her despite wanting to do so but instead you decided to ask her if she would like any help with calming down her child. You state that your working on a thesis and had come across an experiment that children would calm down when listening to white noise. After a bit of reluctancy, she lets you in and about an hour later, you had the child sound asleep. However, it took out more effort than needed and while sitting on her couch, you passed out due to the lack of sleep from your thesis and this issue. Morning soon came as you would wake up to smelling some nice scrambled eggs and fresh toast scent coming from the kitchen.....

    And we go from there really.....so if this interests someone do let me know by messaging me on here or if you prefer, my discord is [MOD EDIT: Removed Section 14 Violating Content]

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