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    It has come to my attention that I want to roleplay more. That being said I have come up with a new plot for a undertale based story in the works! Here's what I have so done so far (we can continue, discuss, or modify the plot in our own rp)

    Constantly killing monsters wasn't enough for chara so she decided one day to elimate something that shouldn't even exist. She walks towards one of the pathways into the depths of the waterfalls she stops as she sees a    white-ish grey door slightly sway open. Chara with curiousity and a thirst for more monster dust to be spread she walks through the door she falls down into what seems to be a all black limitless room. "Wa-what is the meaning of this?" Chara stuttered a second as she collected her thoughts a second and started to look around.


    This story will continue in our dm's if you hmu but basically (tldr) chara ends up in the void as she goes through the empty space of what was the underground as she meets someone in the void meeting this someone they both get interested in eachother and go off deleting words together until one day chara had enough and couldn't take all the killings and decided to stop but what will happen next?

    This roleplay just starts off weird I promise it will start to get more normal as the story progresses

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