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    So this idea popped into my head and can't get it out so I thought I'd post and see if anyone was interested. If not oh well 🤷 

    Anyway the gist of the idea is that two best friends, that group up together from elementary school all the way through high school. They were virtually tied to the hip. But college came and they had to go their separate ways. They were both pretty good at school so getting into their dream college was a peace of cake for them. But one wanted to study this while the other one wanted to study that. So naturally they parted ways after graduation. The first couple of years they stayed in touch a lot and whenever break came around they would meet up. But during the second year in college one of them just started to get very distant and started to barely respond to the other. 

    Skip a couple years and now one of them is working a very nice job with great pay, an luxury apartment in a city. While the other just kinda dropped off the face of the planet. Until one day they meet each other in a coffee shop. While one is dressed in a nice suit or dress for their job. The other is just some simple clothes, but with piercings and tattoos and just doesn't look the best. The successful one has felt like someone was missing in their life, excitement or something else. While the other one lived off the excimemt and what ever life through at them and was decently happy despite the clear difference in money and status. 

    So yea that's the gist of the idea. I mostly play the male character, but fine with either role. If you interested just send me a msg. 


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