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    Welcome to all who clicked this post.


    I am here to explain my writing style and some of my fantasies that have been recently on my mind (I’m probably gonna edit this from time to time.) These will be varyingly smut focused, but most importantly plot focused. For you see reader, I have a unique thing that I wouldn’t call a kink, but the lack of it is a turn off: I absolutely adore tiny details in writing. As in the more in depth stuff is described, the more I get into it and the more I write in my reply. I’m kind of a mimic in that regard, because I always match my partners style rather than asserting my own preferences, since I don’t have preferences (1st person/3rd person, long paragraphs/rapidfire, etc). BUT! Gimme details. I love them. If you won’t give me any/enough, the RP will die really fast. 



    Now that I scared away all, but the most confident writers, here is what I can offer. Great plot, with great twists and satisfying endings (or continuations), Naruto, MHA, DBZ, and some other fandom stuff, The Player Experience™️, where I act as a GM and using a system like DnD (or not) and walk you through a homebrew/fanfic world of our choosing, as a player with your own character/OC/modified CC, and of course insane (could be the mental state or an exaggerated adjective for quality) smut. 



    Now for the fun part. My Plot ideas!


    Dystopian (light):


    A world where overnight time turned back. How much? Enough. The further away something was from a living human being, the more it turned back, exponentially. Now the whole world is Pangea again, with a really weird gradient that goes from iron age huts (or even further back) and modern skyscrapers within the cities. How will humanity deal with this? Especially since the change only took place on this planet and only below the ozone layer. Will astronauts be able to come back? Will society cope?and most importantly who are we in this mess of a new world?




    Are you tired of generic porn plots like, step-bro I’m stuck, can’t pay for pizza, picking up girls in a club? Well I’m not. But I do like to put my spin on things. Maybe spice it with some supernatural. Powers, entities (vampires and the likes), events… Or just spice it with some 10000 IQ logic, like free use is part of the world’s culture since the dawn of civilization, or everyone is super horny because the plot demands it to be so. If you want some causal fun I got a table and some dice to roll us up something spicy and unusual in seconds. Or we can just talk it out like regular human beings. HOWEVER. There is one condition with this plot type. I only do them if we can go from start to finish within the same writing session. If you don’t have hours of free time and could only send like a reply a day, then  either have something really good cooking that is worth my long term investment with a detailed plot and everything or have the time or choose another plot type I’m generally more invested in. 




    Yes this is my favorite, yes I’m bias towards it. If you ghost me after we started a fantasy RP, I’m sending a hitman after you. What is the plot here? Well this is where The Player Experience™️ slots, so it can literally be anything. However here are some of the ones I am prepared to start at any given time without much planning needed. 


    Dark Souls 1’s lore and world but anything goes. I know there isn’t many things that you can pair here, but if you are interested just tell me and I’ll list the pairings I’m interested in at the moment, OCs included. 


    Skyrim… this is the opposite of DS1. There are sex mods to bang and/or feminize any and all characters, monsters and sometimes inanimate objects. Endless possibilities. My preference lies in the Futa stuff, furry stuff, vampires, dragon fucking, so basically the vanilla sex modding experience. This is also something I can easily GM if you fancy that. 


    And then there are the non franchise stuff, like Isekai Harem plots I’d love to do, in our own world (or if you have a fandom you really want to do) medieval adventures, dragon fucking again, so really anything that sounds cool at the moment. I usually make stuff up on the spot for these as we plan the plot. But again, I have my table of kinks/tropes and my dice so we can roll up and customize later. 


    Now some plots for real not jut some general outlines:


    An accidental time traveling event happens and a modern person jumps back into the viking era northern Europe. Since they are an intellectual they quickly figure out what the fuck is going on and using their knowledge of history, modern science and common sense they manage to gain favor in a viking group that was just recently hit with a raid, loosing a good chunk of males/females (depending on the preferences of the time traveller) and I think you can figure out where this is going. Now this can be a gradient of fantasy. Just tech made them travel back in time. Maybe it was rare time travel magic. Or fuck it earth was magic all along and technology developed along with it as usual. This is basically a slider of how low-high we want this fantasy to be. 




    Have you ever fucked an alien? You should. Especially since anatomy is basically just a suggestion. It is also in fantasy but it’s more explored in sci-fi with quirky humanoid aliens. My fandoms here are Warhammer 40k and Star Wars. I know Star Trek is cool and all, but I don’t know it enough to RP it in a way that doesn’t entirely make it a different thing. For this I don’t really have plots, but the fandom universes provide plenty to pick from as well as the smut table I can roll my dice on to get a random basis we can just build off of. 



    That’s about it for me. Thanks for your eyes and time. If you feel like you want to RP any of these with me hit me up. If you feel like I would enjoy something based off my preferences post, but I didn’t talk about it here, hit me up. If you like me and my writing comment “supercallifragilisticexpialidotous” under the post, I probably spelt it incorrectly but I can’t be bothered to look the proper way up. (Yeah I’m one of those animals with autocorrect disabled on every device in order to learn how to spell properly. Is it working? Idunno.)



    K, thanks, bye. 

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    This was a fun read, the once detailed and focused writing slowly descends into madness! Thanks!

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    Supercalifragilisti- wha.... Lemme try once more...


    Hey there! I am always looking for more 'dm' kinda roleplayers like yourself! I figured Id comment here to give your post more traction and to tell you that I'm quite interested if you'd be willing to let me play a male character! I can send you a DM or you can send me one so let me know! ❤️ 

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