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  • The Tower of Tyrru: A Fantasy Dungeon Crawling Adventure

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    Spanning many miles in diameter and reaching deep into the clouds above, the ancient structure known since times past as the Tower of Tyrru is thought to have been abandoned by the gods eons ago when they departed the mortal coil. Despite its age, the tower still functions, a living machine of gears and magic, ever-shifting and changing, creating a maze that is impossible to map out completely. One thing that is set in stone, though, is the opening and closing of the gates leading to the floors beyond the first. Set to a five-year rotation, the doors alternate between staying either open or closed for half a decade. When the doors are closed, all those still in the levels above are doomed to remain there, likely to die before the next opening, and the monster hordes are given time to replenish their numbers, becoming a threat to the world once more when the gates re-open.

    Many generations ago a city was constructed on the first floor of the tower, has become a hub for adventurers all around the world that have come to climb the tower and seek out the riches that can still be found on the higher, more dangerous floors. Legend also speaks of the top floor containing the ultimate treasure, a holy grail capable of fulfilling wishes. This, of course, has become the object of many an adventurer’s obsession, including our own. What drives our unlikely pair to risk limb and life, to climb the tower of Tyrru, and find that mythical holy grail? Let’s find out!

    While I do like some darker and violent tones when it comes to story and action, any sexual interaction between our characters I would prefer to keep consensual and fairly vanilla if you want to call it that. See my preferences for further details or just ask me.

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