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    There's not a whole lot to do in Sun River. Most of the town sits on a single street, with a few houses and trailers that scatter around in the assorted woodlands. There's one school, a grocery store, a police and fire station, and no cell phone service for nearly a hundred miles in any direction. And most people in the quaint community of barely-500 people like it just fine. Of course, those some people also aren't quick to admit that the best ways to beat the boredom are to get in trouble. Like I said, there's not a whole lot to do here; for most people, there options are to drive around through the woods, drink, or indulge in even more extreme recreational pastimes.

    Fortunately, just getting drunk has always been enough for mom and dad - well, mostly. They usually avoid the harder stuff, but that's not saying much when it seems like they're coming home late from a drunken bender almost every night, throwing open the door to our trailer and collapsing without even shutting the door behind them. I never questioned how they managed to get home - better to just accept that dad drives better when he's drunk than risk asking any pointed questions when they're nursing their hangovers the next morning.

    One night, though, they didn't come home alone.

    It wasn't the first time that Officer Townley escorted them to our trailer, but it was the first time that he followed them inside, sat them down, and asked me to step into the other room so that he could have a talk with them. Listening through the door, I could half-hear them talking about things being blown out of proportion, suggesting that there might be a way they could smooth all of this over. After that, they called me back in, sat me down with them, and explained that one of two things was going to happen tonight: either they were going to go with Officer Townley, and I would be left all alone for who-knows-how-long, or I could go with Officer Townley, and the two of us would it work it out so that he could let my mom and dad off with a warning.

    Fortunately, I didn't have to go with Officer Townley very far. Just into the next room while mom and dad rolled one of their smelly cigarettes in the kitchen. With only the thin door to separate us, Officer Townley sat me down in his lap, pinning my denim skirt against my abdomen with one hand while his other rested between my legs, his middle fingers massaging my girl parts through my panties. I did my best not to let my thighs wobble around his hand too much, but as he traced shapes all over my girlhood and touched me in ways that nobody had ever touched me before, I just couldn't keep my hips from moving. As I slid my teenage ass back and forth in his lap, I felt the shape of something long and thick pressing up into my from below. I looked up at him, my eyes wide, innocent and impressionable, as I wondered just what we were going to do to make my parents' wild night on the town go away...


    A sweet thing in a small town starts to discover her sexuality just in time for her parents to use it to their advantage! If this sounds interesting to you, send me an EcchiText with all of the usual information you might share with a prospective partner: Your kinks, limits, ideas you might have to expand on this prompt and help us get a sense of direction, that sort of thing! If you could also let me know how old you prefer my character to be, as well as the upper and lower age limits for your own characters, that would be fantastic~ I'm open to going in all kinds of directions with this prompt. Want to set it in a fantasy village instead of Anywhere, USA? I'm all for it! Want to expand the list of potential partners to not just the other folks in town, but their pets and even the other wildlife? Sounds like fun to me! And as a way to verify that you've read my entire post, tell me what your favorite color is 😛

    I'm happy to chat and roleplay here, but I also like to write on Discord, so if you're interested in moving things over there, just let me know. I look forward to hearing from you soon~!


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