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  • The Two Wives of Sidon (LoZ:ToTK)

    Gannon's rampage has destroyed Hyrule. What settlements remain on the broken, burned continent are small, scattered to the four winds. Outsiders are not welcome, and in this apocalyptic wasteland there is only one rule: fend for yourself, or die trying. The Gerudo Desert has been reduced to badlands so hot that only skeletal monsters can survive, and the hills and valleys of the mainland are covered with beasts that no weapon can strike down. The only place the two princesses of this domain can flee to is the ocean, where a mutual friend has a plan.

    Prince Sidon has a problem. Or, perhaps it would be more accurate to call him King Sidon, as with the aptly-named Great Extinction, his father and the rest of his family were killed. What few people he has left to protect are skittish, and they need proof that their new king has the strength to protect them in this new hell they must fight through with every passing day. He needs a wife, or perhaps wives. So when the princesses Zelda and Riju come searching in need of shelter, he's quick to strike a deal. They need protection. He needs partners. And thus an agreement is born.


    This role-play will comprise of three main 'types' of sections, each containing Sidon and one or both girls.


    The girls are hardly in love with Sidon, they don't need to be for their plan to work, but every moment he spends in their presence he feels himself growing closer and closer to them. These times are known as 'dates'. Maybe he's with Riju polishing weapons, or with Zelda enjoying the gardens, or even with both as he shows them around this underwater kingdom which is now their life. These dates can (and likely will) lead to the second 'type' of section.


    This is casual sex. One of the partners initiates it, and it takes on a casual, playful tone. Sidon is a switch in these sections, allowing the girls control if they want it, and don't necessarily have to come after dates. Maybe one of the girls decides to help him with his morning wood, or he decides to 'appreciate' how they look in the Zora's traditional dress. They should seem much more fun and light-hearted than the alternative third type.


    Casual sex, switch male, spooning, trial and error, polyamorous relationship

    Breeding Sessions

    The Zora's society is a very patriarchal and strict one, requiring the women to hold strict subservience to men and essentially being walking incubators. To ensure that neither of the king's rather free-thinking wives get to 'uppity' as it may, the Zoran ministers enforce once-weekly breeding sessions. They expect Sidon to be in control entirely, and to not care about their pleasure so long as they are filled with his cum. The girls cannot get pregnant from this as they have been taking smuggled contraceptives (for now, at least) with Sidon's help, but they have to make a show of absolute subservience.


    Gender roles, misogyny, breeding, collars, public sex


    I want this rp to be casual and long-term, with me playing as the princesses and my partner playing as Sidon. Kinks and the like can be discussed and are flexible, and I can't wait to hear from you!

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