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    "The virus appeared seemingly out of nowhere, it was difficult to pin down the exact time it started but its effects were clear. A woman would have unprotected sex with a man, and 7 days later on the dot she'd give birth to a fully developed child as if she'd just spent 9 months growing it. It was almost totally undetectable, there were no major symptoms other then an increase in sexual desire and a vulnerability to alcohol, combined together they made the patient the perfect host. An unsuspecting woman would go out to meet a guy, have a drink, lose all inhibitions due to her lowered tolerance and next thing you know she was a mother! There was only one known way to slow the process, more unprotected sex. Doctors weren't sure why but for some reason women who had sex multiple times a week had a much slower rate of growth, some able to extend the pregnancy as far as 3 months to allow them more time to prepare for their new motherhood. However there also seemed to be a risk with this, as these same women had record high numbers of multiples, with one woman having been recorded as delivering 12 babies at a time! As horrific as this all was it couldn't have happened at a better time, with record low birth rates the worlds population was in need of the boost, so politicians have enacted laws rewarding women for healthy children, even offering to adopt out any unwanted kids to couples who wanted them, paying the birth mothers quite the tidy sum. This has of course led to a black market of infected women seeking out virile men to help them make a profit."


    Okay so for this idea YC would be a woman infected by the virus, there are a few ways we can play it, she can either be one of the women looking to profit from her new found condition, or she could be an unknowing victim trying to cope with her new life of hyper fertility, really the possibilities are endless.

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