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    ONE: You had no idea where you are. You didn't know what was going on. You had just woken up in a large bed, inside a mansion. But, what you saw... made you quite excited. A busty, female demon-esque maid was standing at the foot of the bed, watching you. "Hello master, I'm glad you have awaken."


    TWO: Being a goddess sucks sometimes... and sometimes, it sucks when you want to have a baby yet all the gods are annoying and sleazebags. So, this specific goddess wanted to find a human male to have a baby with her. Whoever could climb her mountain and woo her perfectly, would bed her then... he just hopes the right guy will do so.


    THREE: Being a female ninja, a kunoichi, can be difficult sometimes. Especially when you're a strong, talented one, and your father sells you off to another ninja family to marry a ninja there and bear his children. This kunoichi is mad, obviously. She doesn't want to go and bear some ninja's children in a different family. She just hopes this could work out in her favor...

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    Dark Soul Opera


    One and three both sound awesome! I’d be down for either

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