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    Molly lived in Alabama with her 6 brothers and 2 sisters. She didn't go to school as her parents didn't believe in it, and thought education was a waste of taxpayers' money, as well as some sort of liberal scheme to make religion disappear. Molly spent all day either exercising, drawing, doing housework, or watching TV, while her siblings did much the same but with some variations. It wasn't uncommon for her siblings to put out cigarettes on her skin when hanging with their friends or to invite them over to be treated by her, and when the bathroom was occupied or someone needed a trash can Molly was always the first to be notified. Molly had long been a victim of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse since she was a small child, but had gotten used to it over the years until enduring such abuse was like eating or breathing.

    (If anyone's interested, hmu)


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