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  • Undertale au erp?

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I'm a swich.
    I can either erp yaoi.or straight erp. I don't mind any really.
    Hi would anyone want to erp undertale au.
    With Me?
    Idk if peeps roleplay this fandom around here but welp.

    Anyways I want to do a mix between romance and erp as well.
    For the ideas and stuff.
    You can use a oc if you want to.
    And I can do your oc crush and vice and versa unless you are the kind of person who prefers to use a character,I don't mind that as well.
    Anyways we can discuss things more in detail when you dm me.
    I don't want anything way to extreme on this or anything like that.

    As for the erp I have some ideas:
    For the yaoi(mxm)(kinda) one
    I was thinking about a girl getting either reborn on the multiverse as a male or gets trapped in the multiverse like that.

    But now for the actual plot ideas that I have around:

    Incubus or succubus character,a beast that wants nothing more then sex,taken lightly because of their fame but they are a high level demon creature,and now this new beast that was created here can't fully control their own lust away.

    Idea 2: is about a half snake and half person creature.
    The character searching for those creatures is someone that is around the surface(yeah this can take place there)
    But what this explorer did not expect was that he was going to be found by one instead.

    Last idea: a insect like beast that is around Here,at first it did look like a human but soon it was proven that it's not one at all.

    Aus that I know:
    Mythcaltale(or mythtale?)
    Or simply the multiverse.

    My kinks?:
    Soft dom.
    Sometimes a female do.inating the other.
    Aphrodisiac.(it depends)

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