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  • Vacation plot ( looking for older guy characters )

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    Hello! I’ve gotten a lot of rp requests for my second and third requests on my original bulletin and am now seeking people interested specifically in my first plot. For a refresher, this is the info from it: 

    vacation: my character ( 18F ) goes on a vacation trip with her family to a resort they go to yearly for their summer vacation trips. Your character sees her at the pool and convinces my character to meet up with him shortly before the pool closes, when there’s hardly anyone around, in the hot tubs. There, they get freaky and things go from there. 

    — preferred to have that plot as dubcon; the girl is shy and not really that social, but she doesn’t like to be rude to others. She doesn’t like spending too much time with her family, so future sex scenes are open to new locations around the resort. 
    —— I prefer this plot as public location sex. Not necessarily out where everyone can see, but with the fear that they could get caught being prominent because they’re hiding in public areas.

     ——— your character should be older, but I don’t mind how much older. I’d prefer mid to late 20’s at the youngest, 40’s at the oldest. 


    My character ranges from 16-18 based on partner’s preference, but will be default at 18 if no age is requested. Not going higher than 18 right now. I’m looking for people who are interested in playing the guy role. This rp will be mostly smut, but there can be room for some non-sexual interactions for the sake of setting the scene and dynamic between the characters. The opening to the rp I imagine being very close to the hot tub sex scene though. 


    please send me a dm if you’re interested. I would link my preferences above but every time I try it doesn’t seem to work anymore. It’s been that way for years. I can send them in dms or you can find them on my page. 

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