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    Hello Echia!

    I'm an experienced role player, though it doesn't matter to me if you are. So long as I can get a solid paragraph of roleplay from my partners I'm up for just about anything.

    My only hard no kinks are watersports, scat, and vore. Beyond that I'm a very adventurous person, and chances are if I feel comfortable I'd be up for trying most anything.

    The following are my current ideas, however I love sitting down with my partner and brainstorming! If you don't see anything on here you like feel free to reach out with your own ideas, or simply prod me to think up a few more based on our mutual interests.

    I like smut, I like it being in roleplays when it makes sense. However these days smut is not as big of a deal to me as it used to be. I tend towards 50/50 sex to story ratio now a days leaning way more towards the story side of things.


    Harem: Always have loved the idea of doing an rp around this theme, however in the past they always seem to fall through.

    Role Reversal: I like doming, but I also like to play more submissive characters too. But most of all I love give and take, be it through a more classic relationship, or through intense switching.

    RP Ideas

    Scenario 1: Drained dry... Almost

    Kinks: Master/slave, Ddlc, Vampires

    Description: James has walked the earth for far longer than anyone should rightfully have, vampire or human. He's seen nations rise and fall, watched as his kind would fight among themselves, as humans fought. Frankly he's had enough, enough with the politics, with the drama, and with their constant begging for him to take a more active role in it all. So for the last decade he's been on his own. Living for as long as he had he never wanted for money, never had to work for it as his money made more than enough off interest alone for him to live quite comfortable.

    That was until his connection at the blood bank died, a heart attack, something truly unavoidable. It was this that led James to the poor girl, led him by his hunger to attacking her. It wasn't until she had nearly been completely drained dry that he finally gained control of himself. He could have let her die, part of him wished he had, but he'd grown soft in his old age, he was no longer the cold blooded brute he once was, the 20th century and their damned ethics saw to that.  So instead he turned her... Which is what led to his small, one bedroom apartment housing a soon to be vampire on his bed, his blood coursing through her as he waited uncomfortably for her to wake, his first spawn in centuries, and he didn't even know her name.

    Scenario 2: Lion's Pride

    Kinks: Harem, Neko, Shape shifter, Tribal

    Description: The Arasi are a proud race of beast kin, long have they battled with the beasts of the Cathagari Wilds. Created centuries ago by the dragons along with many of the other races on Solum, they are creatures of legend not to be trifled with. They resemble man, only are often broader, with cat like ears, longer canines, and thicker, sharper nails. Most stand nearly a head above a regular man, some even two.

    And yet, that did not stop man as it sailed to new lands, what started as a few ships became dozens, Cathagari no longer the wild lands they once were. Naturally the Arasi fought back at first, nearly half their number being wiped out in the initial battles, the rest going into hiding, being hunted by the humans as monsters and beasts. 

    As time passed, many became slaves to the Azmarian Kingdom, as did countless other races seemed too primitive to be left on their own. Those that remained in the wild grew smarter, stronger, no longer simply able to expect to be at the top of their food chain. 

    Side Notes: I see this able to go one of a few ways, I see the Arasi being very lion-like, and as such tending towards prides leading to the Harem aspect. We could go with my character being a young male trying to find a place in this changing world, maybe freeing slaves and taking those who he feels drawn to as mates. Or we could go with my character as your character's slave, maybe leading to some role reversal later on. I'm open to ideas with this one.

    Scenario 3: Taming a Dragon

    Kinks: Slave x Master, Power Play

    Character notes: I will be playing a dragon, however I will be playing him in a human form when sex is involved.

    Seledrin has long since lived in the archipelago the kingdom of Cytha calls home, long before humans settled on the string of islands that the nobles of the island feud over. He has watched over the several hundred years of their rule as they fought off orcs from the mainland, as peace settled over the kingdom only to devolve into this in fighting. All the while they cut down his trees, tear into his mountains. In the past they provided tribute to him however with this new king that has long since stopped.

    Seledrin had enough. He took flight, the great black wyrm showing his displeasure in combat. He tore through the naval forces of any who crossed his path, scorched fields, attacked castles. Any who crossed him felt his wrath, until at last tribute was paid, and atop the mound of gold and jewels owed to the dragon was a beautiful human woman. Normally he would have slain the woman and savored the taste of her flesh, but he had other desires for her. Instead taking her back to his lair, intrigued by her.

    Side notes: So I've been thinking on this one for a little while, essentially my thought process here is that your character is the daughter to a noble, likely one that the king disfavored. So to stop the rampaging dragon your character was offered up as part of the tribute.

    My thought on this is maybe your character seeks to use the dragon to her own ends? Using her feminine whiles to persuade the dragon into action again, only maybe this time in service to her house? Perhaps even to overthrow the current king? Hell we could even have him create his own kingdom, maybe with her to guide him through politics? Lots of possibility here.

    Scenario 4: Without a Spell 
    Genre: Supernatural Modern (Light fantasy), Reverse Isekai
    Side Notes: Very much inspired by devil is a part timer, but this is meant to be far more grounded.
    Description: Nilus Astorio has lost his way through the planes, the greatest mage of his time, and he has ended up on earth of all places. Perhaps in the only place in the known universe without a shred of magic. A trap all magi fear, but then that is what you get when you anger the god of magic.

    So it is that Nilus needs to come to grips with, and find his place in this new world. He needs to update his draconian beliefs and forgo his goddess if he ever wishes to return, that or settle down here in this foreign world.


    The following link is to a list of misc characters not attached to any particular scenario idea.


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    Hello there! Yes I am, sorry about the late response, send me an eccitext and we can discuss it further 😄

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