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    --Hail, Brave Adventurers!  Welcome to the LEWD DUNGEONEERING!--


    Basic Premise
    The core of this Roleplay would revolve around a pair of adventurers whom have been inflicted with a Lewd Crest.  This crest usually appears on the victim's crotch and glows pink whenever the Wearer is subject to sexual assault.  This light heightens the Curse Bearer's arousal and weakens their resistance to sexual advances.

    Whilst weathering the curse, these intrepid adventurers will have to brave a plethora of dungeons, collecting loot and treasures and maybe even relics that will grant them the power to save the world.  But they'll have to be careful as each dungeon is filled with lewd traps and sex-depraved monsters who desire nothing more than to ravage careless adventurers.  And as if that wasn't enough, each time an adventurer is brought to orgasm, the curse will rob them of their sanity until nothing reminds of their mind but pure, carnal desire.

    Will you join me and brave the lewdest of dungeons in hopes of treasure and glory?



    ( Nothing to crazy here, just stating what i'm looking for in a partner. )


    • --In line with my RP preferences I would like someone who has decent grammar and spelling and can write like a paragraph or two.  Just enough that it feels like I have something to respond to and i'm not writing on my own.
    • --Ideally this would revolve around two Woman Adventurers, but i'm easy and can try to work around something else, so let me know if that appeals to you.  I will, however, still be roleplaying a female character.
    • --A core focus on the smutty side of things.  I joined EcchiDreams for a reason after all.  But I am also 100% completely fine with character development, world building and creating a solid plot, just as long as the core focus remains in tact.
    • --An idea of when or how frequently you'll be posting.  Personally i'm not looking for several posts a day, i'd like to avoid burning out, but ideally more than once a week.
    • --I plan to be posting this RP publicly as I love when people enjoy my work.
    • --A willingness to be part of the world and help build it.  And to play NPC characters as necessary.  It is my belief that interaction is absolutely core to being in a roleplay, because otherwise i'd just be writing by myself.  With that in mind, in the spirit of interaction, when our character is assaulted by a creature, the other player should be in control of that creature's actions and vice versa.


    ( Basically what kinds of things you can expect to see during the course of this RP )


    • --Would like to adventurer through several kinds of themed dungeons.  The reasons for this could be either: 1) Our characters are treasure hunters and/or thrill seekers and doing this is just how they get their kicks.  2) Or maybe the world is being threaten by a great evil and/or villain.  They world is slowly corrupting and our heroines need to brave these dungeons to collect relics that will help them cleanse the world and defeat the villain.  Basic stuff really.
    • --These dungeons will feature a variety of monsters from several fantasy universes.  Things like tentacles, orcs, goblins, fiends, barghests, etc.  If this bothers you then this probably isn't the RP for you.  Sorry.^^
    • --Please reference my RP preferences as I may or may not being including what's there in this RP.  I am flexible though so if there is anything in that list that is a hard no for you, just let me know and we'll work things out.
    • --Just more of a warning towards my writing style:  I very much like to write out how my character's mind and body feel towards the sexual things they're experiencing and I have a thing for clothing so I tend to often describe what my character is wearing and change their outfits.


    So I believe that's it, if you're interested you can post here or message me.  Oh and as has been mentioned before, i'm pretty easy.  If you're interested in this Roleplay but something in here gives you pause, feel free to discuss it with me.  Maybe we can work something out.

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    I am interested. I like the dungeon lore from Spellcross. An undefeatable dungeon core is sealed away, but the seal is breaking, which is causes smaller dungeons to appear. The adventurer's guild teleports adventurers to dungeons, yet there is political turmoil over whether to destroy the cores, or use them as an energy source? The dungeon cores could emit miasma, as the source of the curse.

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