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    Heyo people! Some of you might recognize me as the illustrious BLAKERP (the crowd goes wild~) 

    Well to be honest I have no clue how to set up one of these, and im mainly doing this to combat my nerves about posting in the actual forms with looking for partners. Cause if you want to rp then I have some ideas, just know that I'm more submissive then dominant, while I can play the role of the dom I prefer sub, so yeah just give my preferences a check if you see anything you like then feel free to rp me

    and i've been in the mood to play a Loli so if anyone wants to do a Loli rp then lemme know 😉 thanks love ya ❤️ 

    also if you're into 



    Pet play

    or any other kinds of dark taboo subject then im most likely down to explore it. But if you want something loving and wholesome that's great too! ALL (well most) KINKS ARE WELCOME HERE 😄

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    I am open to most things myself here. So I am open to discuss what we can and RP If you wish Blake.

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    Hm... Judging by your preference sheet, you are into many things and long roleplays. I'm still working on something presentable in my head, but what would you say to a fantasy adventure with many naughty opportunities? As I said, still a WIP in my head, but I think I can GM a world for your character to get in various kinds of trouble in. Interested?

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