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    So basically this idea of this is that: The character that would be played by the partner would always be appearing where my character shows up, and with that some nice hijinks ensures. 

    So an example of this would be: My character would be working at an office and there is a new girl who appears. Immediately she would mess with my character (possibly leading to a sexual outcome). Once work would end he would go to the gym and he finds her there, at his favorite restaurant, and other situations like that.

    In a sense it would be a mix of Don’t mess with me Miss Nagatoro and That Creepy Glasses Girl. (For anyone who has seen/read either of them)

    My preference for characters I would play would be either a male or futa, depending on the other parties preference of course. I can also play some of the other background or secondary characters as well.

    The setting honestly can be put in a lot of different worlds and places from a modern day to a fantasy setting. Stuff like that and details could be sorted out before roleplaying.


    If you feel this interests you just either drop a comment or shoot a DM. And if not then have a good day.

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