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    "Wishes Incorporated: Don't Want it, Wish it!" The company ad appeared in the back of old magazines and newspapers, it seemed like just another scam. Allegedly all you had to do was call the number, state your wish, and as soon as your credit card cleared it would be granted! What a load of crap right? Besides if things like that really worked wouldn't more people be talking about it? But the weird thing was it seemed to have a physical office that was somehow still operating, despite its most recent ad being decades old. Well surely it couldn't hurt just to go in and get a consultation, after all what's the worst that could happen right?


    //Alright so this one involves a female character going to the offices of Wishes Incorporated, and deciding to try out their services. Naturally it's kind of a sexy monkey's paw sort of deal where her wishes will be twisted and perverted, with her being left to deal with the consequences. I'm looking to try any number of weird things with this one so let's get funky!

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