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    Hi! I'm looking for a female roleplayer who would be interested on  trying something out with me, basically we would attempt to:

    • Create a new world (worldbuild) slightly more smutty than ours to extremely so.
    • Create short stories set in this world in an anthology fashion, different characters and different situations from simple day to day routine, abnormal events happening to normal people , historical or supernatural moments up to mythological stories (or real yet legendary situations)

    As for genre/setting I'm up for almost anything but I'd prefer one of the following (in decreasing order)

    • Surreal/Absurdism: A world where we can either handwave explanations and let odd things happen, either genre free (mixing Y other, although i think something modern would be more fun) or something like a Dreamland, virtual reality or  someone's crazy mind.

    • Anime (Shounen)/Comic like: Mostly modern but with touches of any other genre or setting, a mix and match generally hero/villain or powers based story. 

    • Fantasy: High or low, but as varied as possible, I prefer avoiding politics and focusing on magic, society and mythology, supernatural nature and so on.

    • Horror: Mostly gothic with touches from cosmic and religious (demons and similar) themes.

    • Post Apocalyptic: Here I'd like to add as dark a kink as possible.

    As for kinks, I am up to most anything it can come out on such world's being scat, furries and extreme BDSM my main limits.

    Personally I lean towards ageplay, incest, dub/Non-Con so I'd ask to be up for at least 2 of those; also considering the world's I'm interested in using magic, monsters (male or female) and other especial characteristics a world can offer.

    At the moment I'm having problems with my keyboard so if anyone would be interested I'd ask to play on discord, at least until I can fix the issue. 
    Is worth mentioning I'm an anime, d&d and epic fantasy books fan so anything along those lines may work for this idea. Let me know if interested and thanks for reading!

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