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    who am I?
    Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Sunny. I have been role playing for about the past 15 years or so, and recently decided I needed to come back to it so I didn’t go insane. I’m still new to the site and learning how it works. My life is hectic sometimes so I sometimes vanish. I write about 100-300 words, sometimes more if motivated. I have 100% been listening to too much TSwift.

    Some Highlights

    + Quality Post, quantity isn't wanted.
    + Communication, if we aren't meshing let me know. I'll do the same for you.
    + OOC chat is nice, but I swear to God I don't want to see anymore dicks.
    + I absolutely love tension between our characters. I will push buttons.

    + There are few things I won't roleplay: Scat, loli and rape/kidnapping.

    Types of things I like to roleplay:

    slice of life (friends, married couple)
    pregnancy risk
    public play

    sexual tension
    fox girls

    absolute craving: ddlg, sexual tension


    star wars
    kingdom hearts
    stardew valley
    story of seasons/harvest moon
    world of warcraft

    new girl 
    Doctor Who (Doctor x Rose)
    phoenix Wright (mia x godot)

    idea highlights 

    daddy please- a contract is involved between YC and MC, which mine unknowingly signs it and becomes YC sex toy. Ddlg, pregnancy risk, sexual tension.

    sexual tension- exactly what it sounds like.

    story of us- dramatic slice of story, just a love story between friends or whatever you can imagine, resulting in passionate sex.

    band roleplay- reverse harem roleplay of a little indie band that loves their singer very, very much.

    The 1- dramatic long roleplay chronicling the ups and downs of an on again off again couple. YC and MC have known each other for years, but the differences in their choices always drives them apart. But opposites  eventually attract right? sexual tension ahoy.

    text- separated by distance, our characters resort to alternative means to relieve themselves, with the occasional rendezvous. 

    Closer- a long since separated couple come to terms with an event that wedged them apart, resulting in one final good bye.

    brothers-(inspired loosely by what I remember Of the movie)  having grieved the loss of her partner M.I.A. presumed dead, MC turns to YC, their sibling, for comfort. The partner could eventually return and they have to accept reality for what it is once again.

    captivated- YC, a musician, MC, a dancer. Brought together by the arts, can they make it in a world that values "use" over "beauty"?

    ask me for more info. Suggestions wanted!

    update 6: added highlights.

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