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  • writing /rp partner for lois lane and my oc

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    Thing is I already wrote stuff for Lois lane but I found myself stuck my Oc has mind control powers (yes it's one of those) and I have idea where I want to go but I have trouble getting there I'm also not sure did a good with characterization well this is role play request in away it's also a editing and writing request as well also other dc characters may also be added depending  if interested I show what I posted and you can change it to better fit what Lois would do and where to go next


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    This power might sound simple enough I snap my fingers and whoever I want is a slave to my will however there are some parameters to this power. First, I need to make sure the snap is pointed directly at the person, the second they need to see my fingers when I snap what happens after that is they will go in a trance and I can give them orders, and Finally, I can only do it to one person at a time 

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