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  • writing /rp partner for lois lane and my oc

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    Thing is I already wrote stuff for Lois lane but I found myself stuck my Oc has mind control powers (yes it's one of those) and I have idea where I want to go but I have trouble getting there I'm also not sure did a good with characterization well this is role play request in away it's also a editing and writing request as well also other dc characters may also be added depending  if interested I show what I posted and you can change it to better fit what Lois would do and where to go next

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    This power might sound simple enough I snap my fingers and whoever I want is a slave to my will however there are some parameters to this power. First, I need to make sure the snap is pointed directly at the person, the second they need to see my fingers when I snap what happens after that is they will go in a trance and I can give them orders, and Finally, I can only do it to one person at a time 

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    Justin sat at the table being fed beef bourguignon by Lois lane both he and the woman were naked, Clark, of course, was still dressed in his civilian outfit Justin could have asked him to make anything he wanted but he decided to go with whatever the man of tomorrow wanted to cook because his interest was more into twisting their minds as well as making them serve him, Clark went to reach for the ketchup but found for some reason he couldn't do it. He would normally do it as a password to let Lois know that he's safe even when he could not contact her directly not that she seemed to care as she lovingly gave their friend another serving of the food Clark made for them, he did not feel they were in any danger so why was he not able to grab the ketchup.

    " mmm, your food taste just as good as your wife's pussy" Justin swallowed another bite The Kryptonian looked at him sternly "That's not appropriate dinner conversation," Clark said "Your very right" Justin agreed "I have not sampled it yet" he then made a crude jester with his tongue and two finger's spread out in a V shape "relax I'm not going to take that away from you yet you need to loosen up."

    Lois who seemed not at all bothered by the man's free spirit said, "That's Clark always a boy scout ." Lois said as she gave her lover another bite Clark's face soon soften as his naked wife fed his new best friend

    "There You Go," Justin said "I can finish feeding myself Lois thank you." novelty had worn him. As the reporter put her fork down and went back to eating "So I was thinking why not create a Justin League made up of heroes and villains I know Lois you're not really a crime fighter but I feel you and your husband should be the first two members "Sounds like you're trying to build yourself a harem" Lois said as she took a sip of wine Justin shrugged she got him "and an army of Supercucks" He turned to the man of steel who does not seem to want to look at him.

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