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    Hello! I'm Sierra, *Curtsies* and I'd like find a partner to play a Yandere character. They can be male or female, but I would be playing a female character. Allow me to introduce her. 

    Name: Karine(Katherine in English) Mikael

    Homeland: Russia

    Personality: Kuudere/Dandere

    Height: 5'5"

    Personality: Karine is described by those who don't know her as coldhearted, emotionless, frigid. But those who know her realize she's not quite as frozen as she lets on. 

    Inside she's a sweet girl, who would like to help others but her own emotional turmoil from her youth bars her from doing so. A mystery few have pried from her lips. 


    What I'm looking for is a obsessive male/female partner who desires Karine above all else, to the point where he/she would be willing to kill to possess her. 

    I don't want someone who only desires her physically, one of the elements I'm hoping for is mind break and dominant play to an extreme.

    The following ideas are things I'd like to explore:

    -Collection of anything Karine is interested in or touched. 

    -Them stealing her gym clothes

    -Simulating her perfume by buying it themself

    -Recording her doing daily activities

    -Obsessions with blood any thing associated with her

    -Fear play

    -Emotional damage

    -Stockholm syndrome

    -And finally a eventual romance though forced.

    These are all ideas I'd like to put in, of course they're negotiable. 

    I included a few pictures at the end for some reference, pretty typical stuff. 

    I'm respond as often as possible and if I'm really into the Roleplay I check it hourly when I can. 

    Please feel free to message me! I would really love to explore this RP with someone. 

    ❤️ Sierrazion. 






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    Yesyesyesyes! He would be perfect! I'll message you love! ❤️ 

    Anyone else, I like to run multiple instances of RPs so still feel free to message me!

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