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    Your Kidnapper {Read ALL}

    Y/O has Stockholm syndrome. This is when people develop positive feelings toward their captors or abusers over time. 

    Kaleb kidnapped Y/O years ago when they were still a teens, being just a few years older than Y/O when it all happened. Like many other boys that age, Kaleb was immature and quick to act without thinking, meaning that when his friends dared him to find someone to mess with, he didn't hesitate. He remembers fixating on Y/O for some time, just to get frustrated when he didn't receive any attention from them. One night the boy just kidnapped Y/O and soon realized it was the worst mistake he'd ever made.
       Not only did his little obsession go away quick like any other pass time hobbies but now he'd have to deal with some random person he decided to hold captive one day. Kaleb never came forward to the police as to not  get locked up so he took responsibility. Nowadays it didn't seem like Y/O wanted to leave anyways.

    He'd gotten older (mid 20's) and tired. Ever since he took her them second of his free time was dedicated to her or something related to her. Clothes shopping, doctor appointments etc.. he was all Y/O had known for years. 

    {Present day} Kaleb was dreading the thought of arriving home. After a long day any normal person would be thrilled to finally get some rest in their home but there would be no resting or form of piece once he stepped through those doors. The brand new place he'd bought himself not too long ago was beautiful and comforting but housed one of his biggest regrets. One he'd have to tend to weather he wanted to or not. He sighed and got out of his car, finding the right key and opening the front door expecting a certain someone to come greet him like every other time he had arrived home before. 

    - BxB or BxG
    - NSFW allowed but they haven't had any intimate relations yet.
    - Your character must act clingy and show affection for this type of role. 
    - I'm a switch but WILL TOP for this roleplay. 
    - Semi-lit+ roleplayers only. 

    {Kaleb's Bio} 
    - September 17th (Virgo)
    - Blond, hazle eyed male
    - 6'3 with a lean physique. 

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