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Welcome to Azur lane where you get to love on your favorite ship wifu or role-play has or with them or just love it all together

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EcchiDreams Specific Community Club
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  2. if i could i would help you get her by lending you my boats and fuel to get her
  3. I see Roon ask for hug, I escape I see Yamashiro ask for a hug, I hug her But why can I hear someone is angry(my wife in AL = Illustrious)?
  4. Still didn't get her yet. But at least i somehow get Enty. "get in my lineup already!"
  5. there is a new event coming around it is bring more russian ships to the game
  6. Hi everyone, I don't play Azur Lane now but I used to. My favorite ship has the be Pheonix. She is just amazing looking to me, pretty yet only cute, cut yet hot, hot but pretty, she is definetly my wifu
  7. Just found Honolulu skipping her duty. "if you want speed so bad, don't you ever consider a speedboat instead a car?"
  8. the feels are real with Amagi best sick ship wifu out of them all and i will protect Akagi even tho she protects me
  9. very dangerous so much that i want her badly on my formation
  10. I see Roon I escape Do you know how dangerous Roon is in the game?
  11. I see a Matsuri(Hololive) I kick her I see Akagi/Taihou/Roon/Dido/Junyou I escape I see Slav Vodka I drink it before go (HI 3rd chara)-busting with PUBG Pan I see Formi in heat I said no I see Lusty in heat Go straight to the bed with her and do (you know), since she is my wife in AL
  12. But there is a huge amount of Sirius in even just her regular skin. Not to mention her new skin or the L2D bikini that we still don’t have in EN for some reason that eludes me.
  13. o don't worry give it time i bet she will have alot of art of her she is really nice
  14. There isn’t very much art of Sirius’s big sister Dido yet
  15. Graf Spee is my rightful wife, but I can't resist Lusty's mega mommy energy uwu
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