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⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️ 

Because the monsters have already been set, you will have to be flexible with your fetishes in this world. 

This includes: Rape, Beastiality, Incest, Yaoi, Yuri, and Fish ❤️


The Contract

Demons who do not follow the terms of the contract will be considered as rogues and will be punished for their insubordination

All demons are required to follow the orders of their masters no matter what

All demons will not speak in vain of humanity

All demons will have their humanities stripped away and are classified as objects / tools

All demons not in contract with a human will be subjected to any type of punishment without hesitation by the demon hunters that capture them

All demons will be connected with their master's through a special magic seal

This seal can be used to summon out demons and keeps their souls from being sent away should their bodies be damaged

This seal will act as a housing unit, and if the human commands it, the demon will immediately come out upon being summoned 

This contract will be terminated upon the death of the master, and all demons will be considered rogue if they resist the magic teleportation that sends them to the next human


What is Magnus Academy?

Ever since the end of the war 2600 years ago, a magic seal was created to bind the demons under contract to be the human's personal pet. With the appearance of this new power, and the power of magic, humanity's technological advancements became clear and developed quickly. But with this new contract came the deaths of many humans as demons started to rebel out of anger towards their oppressors. 

This was the cause of the Magnus academies. 

Magnus, the name given to a person that is able to use magic and has a demon under their control, were chosen humans who were personally given a demon by the council of humanity at the center of the kingdom upon birth. The council are a group of Humans who have been around since the war, magically blessed to be immortal and cannot die from old age, supposedly. They are the ones who control the kingdom and keep the kingdom at peace.

At Magnus academy, students are taught how to control their demons, summon them out, and harness the power of their demons so they can use magic. From there, Magnus's are taught the history of humanity and are turned into demon hunters at the age of 24 to go and capture rogue demons that have defied the council's contract. 

Where will your adventure take you?


The Royal 6

These are the top hunters among all of the current known official hunters. Each one is known for a being the strongest of their element: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Darkness, or Light.


Role playing Rules:

No Auto Hit / Auto Dodge

This means that you cannot automatically hit the monsters nor constantly dodge their attacks.

No God-Modding

This means that you aren't allowed to control the actions of other characters that may be involved with the RP. 

No Killing Others

Unless you have permission from the other person, you are not allowed to kill off their character(s).

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