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The year is 2159 and far into the future. As commercialism has exploded more and more, corporations and their tactics, policies and influence sneak into every part of human society and city life. Basically, anything that a person can need or want can be obtained around the clock, with the few illegal things sold by those not steering clear of the shady life. Seeking ones fame, fortune and legacy is often bloody, difficult and highly risky.

Implants can be found and bought in many places (legal or not) and of course fill in any sort of needs you may need. The only limits being your imagination, physical and financial limitations. Do bear in mind that as implants are craved for by nearly everyone, so will there be seedy people aiming to strip you of these - so a low profile is often adviced, unless you are ready to face the potential consquences. Just like commercialism is taking over, so does heaps of trash, wasted human lives and broken dreams....

Welcome to Megatropolis: A cyberpunk setting.

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